“And some people around you only make things worse”….. How TRUE this statement is.. I know when I am at my WORST I try to stay to MYSELF since I could GO OFF at any given moment and I really DON’T want to HURT SOMEONE’S FEELINGS…(I HAVE CONTROL)most of the TIME…. BUT when the PAIN you have is so INTENSE ALL RULES go OUT the DOOR and no matter how HARD you TRY to keep your KOOL you’ve done LOST IT…WE all should KNOW by NOW how PAIN DIFFERS from one PERSON to ANOTHER even WITH the SAME MEDICATIONS..Some people just DON’T GET IT!!! .. that NO good for NOTHING scale they use you know the one with the SMILE face on it.. YEAH WELL Sometimes when I hurt I can still PUT ON that fake azz SMILE ( I am good at that) & I’m sure others are just as good at it too…At times..I/WE/US.. have to be…
But other times if one could really hear the SCREAMS that are going on in my HEAD and how ALONE I feel PHYSICALLY,MENTALLY it EFFECTS the WHOLE BODY and know that I am doing EVERYTHING to FIGHT BACK the TEARS and knowing I would LIKE to BREAK things or BANG my HEAD AGAINST a BRICK WALL !!!… I sometimes JUST CRY in the shower that way no one can tell (being wet) or when I wash my face in the morning/night OH I just got SOAP in my eyes…. I’m LUCKY to have a SUPPORT system like I have…MANY DON’T….. I CAN CRY,SCREAM,SHOUT and just be QUITE if I NEED…..THEY are here for ME….
I remember when SO CALLED FAMILY would ask how I was doing(THEY NEVER CALLED ME or ASKED ME..THEY would ASK my MOM) HOW NICE HUH??!!. WE are HAPPY to HAVE THEM ALL OUT of OUR LIFE!!!…..If ANYONE TELLS ME that EVERYTHING is OK or it’s NOT THAT BAD and it will PASS or it’s ALL IN YOUR HEAD that you can’t BE that SICK and in PAIN ALL THE TIME or well you TAKE pain MEDICATION that should be ENOUGH!!..( I WILL BASH HEADS TOGETHER!!!!)…I GET this ALL the TIME from IGNORANT/CLUELESS HEARTLESS/MOTHERFUCKERS >>>> I know IF I TOOK what YOUR taking I WOULD be KNOCKED OUT and PASSED out IN BED… So YOUR SITTING here so it must NOT be THAT BAD….I/WE/US>>> NEED to GET RID of the NEGATIVE ONES IN OUR LIFE!!..THEY are the ONES that MAKE things WORSE..THEY wear ROSE COLORED SUNGLASSES so that EVERYTHING THEY SEE is FINE (IN the WORLD THEY LIVE IN)and try to put FORTH LIES about OUR LIFE SAYING I’m NOT ILL..or WE are NOT ILL…..I/WE/US NEED to GET RID OF these NARROW minded PEOPLE…Ones like these ARE NOT worth HAVING IN and AROUND US..I have LEARNED that these PEOPLE and MANY others are almost the LEAST EDUCATED/BIG AZZ DUMB FUCKERS(or in short what I call them( DFers) when it comes to INVISIBLE CHRONIC ILLNESSES but THEY THINK that THEY are the MOST EDUCATED …What BREAKS MY HEART is that YOU tell them what all YOU have and all THEY say is OH (SHOWING THEY DON’T CARE) told MANY to LOOK it UP on the INTERNET!!..And I get I will LATER) I know THIS NEVER happens SINCE when WE would see or THEY call mom THEY would ASK HER>>>WHATS wrong with SUZETTE HOW CAN SHE STILL BE ILL>>like a FUCKING RECORD PLAYER…if THEY TAKE the TIME to LOOK up the INFORMATION that was told in the first place THEY WOULD KNOW..


I/WE/US>>> CAN’T JUDGE one persons chronic PAIN level with ANOTHER persons chronic pain level or PAIN in general EVERYONE FEELS PAIN DIFFERENTLY as well as others RESPOND DIFFERENT to it. What WORKS for ONE person may NOT work FOR the OTHER or as well as the other but SAME MEDICATION again everyone response differently to pain and medications given out…..
So with all these INVISIBLE CHRONIC ILLNESSES out in OUR world TRY hard NOT to JUDGE ..when you THINK you see a PERFECTLY fine person getting OUT of the CAR that is PARKED in the HANDICAPPED space JUST try to REMEMBER they ALSO maybe SUFFERING in SILENCE……LIKE… I….WE…US…





32 thoughts on “IGNORANCE is NOT BLISS..I/WE/US..”

  1. God do I know where you are coming from
    I going to say something to you about me
    The more tricks I have in my bag
    The better I can feel about the pain
    I just got off the pain meds
    The pain I have doesn’t work with pain meds
    I write, I do my art,
    Listen the more I divert my mind the less pain I have
    I got this new one where I take a tennis ball and roll my foot on the tennis ball
    I can’t believe what this has done for my nerve pain
    And how it helps me to sleep
    You have to think outside the box
    Like I bet after you wrote this post you felt better
    And sometimes the moment is all you can hope for

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  2. (((HUGS SUZETTE))) 🐻 💜 🍵

    Some people don’t have enough compassion, unfortunately. I’ve met many on my own pain journey. I hope you have a better weekend.

    I’ve been thinking about you, and the blanket you said you’d like to make 🙂

    I’m going to post a separate page on my blog to share some textile things! 😉

    I’ve got a bad case of bronchitis or other lung infection this week 😦
    So not much energy. But I did manage to finish my last essay 😀

    Take care my friend 🎨 💛 🐻

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    1. Hey my friend ; )
      No they don’t they just don’t care seems like the world is getting colder …
      Well this weekend was not to bad thank you for asking …How was your weekend? did you do anything special? So far yes I have met a lot of people on my own pain journey as well like you have I just take it day by day or sometime minute by minute lol …It just started a down pour of rain so of course that don’t help lol… they said just morning rain..I hope so..The poor dogs haven’t had a chance to go out yet since we have to wait on the school bus to go pass and they were all still asleep until the rain started in and now they are awake I know they need to go but they won’ not in rain lol but as soon as it quits I will take them all out.. anyways gotta love Texas whether ….
      OMG I LOVE THAT IDEA ..I seen the post and thank you for being so kind.. I love your work it’s amazing I wish I had that talent like you do..I think it will be fun now to get me to the store for yarn lol
      OH NO…have you seen the dr yet about the bronchitis ?? don’t let it go to long….please….and I hope that you start to feel better soon.. please let me know how your feeling today…when you get the time..well that is good news that you got the essay done and out of the way …please take care of yourself and let me know how you are doing..again LOVE the blog post.. I also posted on that lol…
      Hugggggs to you gurl

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    1. aw thank you pickle !!!!!
      dad picked that for me the other day I just soften it up and added a frame … my guys are good like that to me lol..I have more pictures that like i said I need to post as I have told you I LOVE ROSES AND FLOWERS OHHH THAT SMELL LOL..AND PRETTY COLORS..JUST NATURE ..

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  3. Gosh I hated that dang smile face scale. The nurse is all how are WE feeling today? I’m thinking come over here and let me slap you!! You are exactly right. Not everyone feels pain in the same way. We are a planet of individuals. Stop treating ill people like we’re all the same. And for goodness sake if you have no common sense or compassion leave you opinions to yourself because your a dumbass!

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  4. Oh here I am sueuzz
    I got so much pain
    Herniated disk
    Pinch nerve
    Fuvk up stomach
    Dr appointments like every other day
    Go to sleep with pain
    Wake up to pain
    No pain meds
    No more smokes
    Got almost two months smoke free
    I can stand sitting still
    But I have to be patient
    My tears have tears

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      It breaks my heart to know that your tears have tears a full day of tears I am so SO SORRY for YOUR PAIN…but I am PROUD OF YOU MY FRIEND BRAVE AND STRONG FRIEND FOR QUITTING THE SMOKES THAT IN ITSELF IS HARD BUT YOU ARE DOING IT MAN!!!!… I don’t know how you do it all sheldon really I do not know how you do it all..The dr appointments almost every other day will take it’s toll as well but at least the upside is that you are getting out…I am trying to find the positive in all your pain….I am sure you wake up and go to bed in pain as well…no relief for you and that pain can drive you crazy sometimes I just cry and don’t want to go on living if it’s going to be this way..”I have never said that openly on here” but I feel I can tell you Sheldon…..Have you talked to your dr about trying maybe something different for the pain..they do have many medications that do different areas ..I am sure you know this I am here just to try to help you not insult you or be in your business I want to help but we got to get you out of this pain …..
      YOU sound like my dad can’t sit still and has learned the hard way with his accident and another one and now a triple bypass he has always had a cup of coffeeee then out to work he went hard labor work and he is paying for it now…I worry so much about my dad as I am the only child and only one that will help him and I am disabled as well lol we make a great team lol.. you want to be on my team sheldon???? I would love to help you in anyway that I can or could….
      yes you have to let these injuries heal..it does take time and you have to be patient I know how hard it must be for you I can sense it from you..how long has it been now???
      OFF SUBJECT ARE YOU IN THE STATES? IF SO WHAT STATE DO YOU LIVE IF YOU DON’T MIND ME ASKING??? Just because so many on here live everywhere and i like to learn where they live…I may have told you I am in Texas…
      But again about the pain you may need not want to see a PAIN SPECIALIST FOR A MORE IN DEPTH VISIT AND RIGHT MEDICATIONS JUST TO GET YOU THROUGH…….what do the drs want to do with you with all this pain and the disk and pinch nerve??? what are your options my man sheldon??? keep talking to me please..

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    2. Two months smoke free is very impressive, Sheldon. Where do you find the strength?

      So many people struggling and suffering… nothing I can do… nothing I can say… My tears are joining your tears… an ocean of tears.

      And I’m dreaming about my fantasy pain clinic, welcoming pain refugees from all over the world… There you are, Sheldon! I see you! Welcome to Honeysuckle Haven!


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      1. I know that is what amazing to me 2 whole moths smoke free …damn wish I had your strength sheldon…
        I am just here for him and all…we can all cry at the same time tonight…… thank you gurl…we all need all the help we all can get…

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    1. damn I remember now lol my bad brain…smack it a lil …ok I believe I am back lol…well maybe..lol..
      oh scooby sue I like that lolol..
      where are they going to want to do the shots?? what area of the back…some dr are good at them but I found out the better way and this is just me having pain mgmt doing it..they knock me out in a hospital best way to have them done instead of being awake….jmo
      um by chance do you have any philly steak you could send my way?? lol sounds good about now…

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    1. NO, I LOVED IT..ALL OF IT!!..
      Again not over the top at all…
      I just had to get myself a shot in my thigh for my stomach and long story short I was going to read it again this will be my 3rd time honest!!!!..
      Oh YES I agree you hit the nail on the head with this one my friend…
      It spoke to me in many ways…I really want to say one of your best..jmo and I am still kinda new to your writings so unlike others on here I haven’t read all your post…BTW when did open and start your blog my dear sheldon????

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  5. August will be two years
    I started it for my art
    But when I was in Jamaica in 2014 for Christmas
    I decided to post my poems
    I’ve been writing all my life
    And there’s always been art in one way or another in my life
    There’s over twelve hundred posts
    And close to 350 followers
    I am very proud from where I’ve came

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    1. 2 years amazing…wow I need to look and read some of your older work..1200 post damn it!!! That is just mind blowing to me and yes 350 and 1200 post is something to be very proud of as I am very proud of you just this short time I’ve known you my friend…I am so glad that we have met here..I look forward to your post everyday…I even when I wake and get on here try to look for your post and well everyone really I am so happy to have found this place where ones words is a voice to use as one wishes..
      Oh Jamaica man huh lol do you have family there???

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    1. what?? post it on my blog???
      OMG REALLY ???? YOU MAKING ME BLUSH MY DEAR SHELDON!! it just came to me after reading your post that is why I said I read it like 3 times but hadn’t posted anything since I had to do my shot and help dad with a few things ..I wanted time to reread it and feel it like I do with most of your post…
      Oh I don’t know Mr Sheldon but I don’t want to disappoint you my friend …I am so glad you liked it really you don’t know what that means to me for you to like this…

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    1. OH that’s would be so nice to visit there..and to take the whole family….Oh you don’t see people staying together that long anymore either a daughter aww I bet dadddy lil gurl too…lol…
      I have a better half as I call him we been together about 14 years or longer not married but in Texas common law when certain people ask lololol…I have a 25 yo daughter..they used to call us twins since we look alike so much lol…
      I am so glad that you do have a support system but THIS IS JUST ME I hate to ask for help i like doing things for myself even when I am down and sick sick..but sometimes I don’t want to ask for help when I need it since they are doing everything…and dad just had a triple bypass and had 2 accidents before that..so I am taking care of him …we take turns lmao…

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    1. I will write more ..now that I feel FREE…I do feel so free with this post..like I don’t know like I can breath..This was Raw like you said it was just what I was thinking and MOST HOW I FELT,FEEL…
      To think I almost hit delete when I read it on your post…I was close to doing that…But it was from our conversation the other night and again how I feel and it really hit me after reading your post that got me going…


    1. YES SIR!!!!!! : )
      OK I will write it word for word and post it just like it is……
      But I am giving you thank and big props for inspiring me….
      I like to just write what ever comes to mind and I haven’t in years …nothing ever like this..at least I don’t think so ..I would have to look at some of my stuff that I work back in 2008 ..but ok I am going to do as you asked and thank you so much…I will be right back when I post this..my friend…. : )

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    1. Thank you so much Sheldon….Mean this from the bottom of my hear like I said in the post….
      I appreciate you as a friend and pushing me to put it up on my site..I was going to leave it on your site for you…speaking of you, you are pretty persistent lol I like that lol…


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