5 thoughts on “What Is Lupus”

  1. Great link Sues ~ Informative and maybe just maybe ‘on paper’ at least I can understand a little more of what you handle or not as the case may be. You poor bugger indeed ~ not much else I can say ~ its shite for sure 😦 Im here (as often as I can be ) for you Sues 🙂 Keep on with your battle.

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    1. thank you i found that and it had great info on it…yeah at least you get more out of it then me just saying yeah i have that and this..thank you for reading it…aww i try my best at hanging in there..always hanging in there that is what i do best i think lol..yeah shit for sure i like that saying lol…it is..lol..aww i want to thank you for saying that as well that as often as i need that you are here for me..means alot to me..the same goes for you..i will try my best to keep on with my battle but sometimes it all adds up and gets the best of me…ohhhhh it does….speak again real soon as always i enjoy our talks..hugs to you

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      1. :0 hug 🙂 warmth ~ positivity ~ uber great vibes (lol) and Im here whenever you want rambling endless words ~ words are great ~ speech for me is tricky but words typed away I can do forever!! ha ha ~ feel free to use my email Sues in case you think others don’t want to join our chats! up to you but of course we all need comments responses so who know?? Rambling well this morning it seems ~ ha ha bonk 🙂 No my head has not fallen off but it has levelled from yesterday 🙂

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      2. hug and of course warmth and positivity and wonderful uber vibes to you…dang that was a mouthful lol but i meant every word i said that is for sure… 😉 i love endless ramblings that is what i do best too lol no really i can do that too..it feel good to know someone else that does this lol..thank god i am not alone after all..oh i can speak too lol i haven’t been on my phone or checked my emails today but seen your email but haven’t had time to look at any of them and i wanted to wait to reply on the computer but have to find my password infor for that email hehe but if you want and i do not mind we can contiune to chat here i do not mind at all after all it is for everyone to read and join in the more the happier i am and you are right we do need the comments on here and i think if we keep it all open on here maybe more will visit your blog and mine and the rest and we can all help one another that is what we should be doing after all helping each other…unless you want to say something in private, private then we can email..gurl no worry about ramblings really not a problem at all …i seem to do it most of my time…well damn it ..i don’t want your head to fall the fuck off now do i…..oh ok it didn’t thank god lol but glad it level off from yesterday..just take it easy and step by step you will make it my friend…

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