Hello my friend and welcome to my blog!!…My name is Suzette but Sue or hey you even works 😉

If this is the first time you came across my blog… then I really want to say a special thank you for talking the time to read this…Come inside and get to know the real,true me…I’m a girl who has a few illnesses and disabilities on my plate (I will blog about them all more in-depth in the future)… The one disability I have will show its ugly head oh so very much all throughout my whole blog and will have the “GRAMMAR POLICE” out in full force due to my head injury. This in itself almost made me not want to try to blog at all and it tried very hard to keep me scared. Since what is a blog if the person has no editing?! People say you will not get any friends or no traffic but I say FUCK IT!!! (no one will stop me from trying my best)!!..I will follow my rules in which I live by and apply them to my blog. I also call it “hanging in there and to do the best that I can and not let it get to me…So be kind and don’t judge me…try to get to know me and you just might like me lol..(I can hope)…

I figure since I’m an open book and nothing is off limit then no telling what you may come across in my blogs lol… I do know I want to share my life with others and when I say share I mean all of it (me)…The happy,sad,good and yes bad…I know life is very hard, people get sick others have money problems this list goes on and on… I have so many subjects that I would love to talk to others about and hope to get the chance to…I love pop culture, Reality TV, current events from around the world to my little town. I do my best to stay on top of the news and events. I try to do it all lol I even take care of my dad 24/7 since his accident almost 3 years. Since me being the only child and disabled myself I’m just thankful that GOD makes it work out.  Speaking of my dad I even did some construction with him when he had his own company and it was always a fun time. From their most of my life I worked in the medical field “yup I even wiped asses” lol from newborns to the maybe old but very young at heart.  I also work with 2 or more agencies on rescuing animals mainly dogs, more like foster care get them shots needed and fixed and some training to be indoor and outdoor dogs so a full house here but most stay outside in a fenced in area, until a forever home is found for them. I love these dogs more than I do most people lol… I look forward from reading others blogs on everything I stated above even government to DIY nail art lmao.  How others deal with obstacles to the things that make you laugh or cry I want to read it and talk about it all and I hope you do as well… In my life “LAUGHTER IS EVERYTHING” and I do mean EVERYTHING!!!…Well so is Music..I have to have it in my life as well.

I look forward in this vast blog world to new friends, comments, and the wonderful blogs out there….My goal is to blog everyday but I know life happens but I do have a lot to say and oh, so much to vent about lol also use it as a journal as well.   I’m excited to get out and blog away and to have such a wonderful place as this to do so is amazing and fun!!..So now lets say it..come on “FUCK IT,  NO JUDGEMENT and LETS BLOG!!!…So SO so are you with me???…

41 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ok over easy I can do most anything I am a man who wears many hats, for that they call me The Professional Cannon, I am a wordsmith, artist, and a around pain in the ass, yes I have wiped a few in my day, so if you.like we can talk over easy or break a few
    As always sheldon

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  2. Wow….hello Sue! What an opening, bloody amazing and could tell it was straight from your heart x A lot of your interests are not mine tbh BUT I love dogs so look forward to hearing and maybe even seeing stuff about them. Good on you for caring like it sounds you do. I used to work for the RSPCA as a home visitor and it was my job to allow or not allow people to adopt animals. I totally love all animals but currently do not have a dog due to home circus but we have 2 adorable cats which I sometimes mention in my blog. Sounds like you have more than enough on your plate but laughter….oh yes bring it on! (sad thing is my face hurts so much if I smile too big just now) I can hold my face and laugh though lol! I will now follow you and hope we can ramble and rant away for some time to come. Big fat smile & hug winging its way to you from England 🙂

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    1. Hello!!! thank you yes it was straight from my heart like everything i do it’s just me and how I do and with spelling and grammar i try my best but head injury wins…well i have not really blog that much at all due to pain and like you said my plate is full i also take care of my dad at his home so everything has been flipped upside down in our world for long enough if you ask me lol…oh yes I plan on blogging much the dogs and rescue and adoption and all things we do with the dogs we love it and work with 2 different companies it is such a fulltime job but they give so much love back and it breaks my heart how so many are treated i have seen stuff that would make you sick on what they do to these precious dogs helpless lil ones they are…oh so you were the one that would have the say rather they could be adopted out to that home or not…we do that too and other workers will check homes as well yeah i can tell you love animals too we have a few cats at our home that stay outside (my guy and i have been at dad home since his bad accident almost 4 years ago or has it been 4 years already lol) we are going to have to figure out something and i think we are going to sell dad place and finish ours and have him move in with us..I am sure i will blog more about all this too..yes plate is very full and laughter is the best medication i believe in that…life is to damn short to be mad all the time so smile and have fun and laugh but don’t get me wrong i have blog post where iam upset or mad its just human to feel all the emotions but happy is much better lol…you really made my day for posting on my about page i thought no one would understand or judge me but i figure this is just me if they judge then that is on them not me and i dont change for anyone…yup dear we will ramble and talk random post together ..I look forward to our friendship…thank you again for stopping over please keep in touch as i will do the same….hugs to you …Suzette

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      1. Hey there Sue ~ have read your lovely long replies to my comments and am rather overwhelmed I have to be honest. So I say thank you to you. I intend to get back to you real soon but due to this being one of life’s ‘crunch’ times I have a lot of stuff to sort and things I have to do to make things right but you are totally on my radar. I cannot believe that I made someones day simply by replying honestly but that is brilliant thank you again!


    1. Thank you so much!!!.. I do appreciate it!!..I will be posting more with the free time that I will make for myself so please stop over anytime. If I do not have anything up at that time just say hello 🙂 Also I could spend all day on your site reading very good information..k keep in touch and again thank you so much and stay in touch everyone and yes that means you!!!…


    1. Thank you so much for such encouraging words. I really needed to hear that at this time since I want to blog more but besides my health and well my plate is full to say the least. But hearing it from you makes it more easy to do so and blog i know more people have problems and my heart goes out to them i just didn’t want to hear all the crap that goes along with blogging “the bad” oh you are blogging wrong or your spelling or whatever it may be lol..but I can take the good with the bad i am strong but it still hurts right??!!…so seeing what you posted to me brings a big smile to my face just knowing people out there like you care and the way with words cheer this face up…well the saying goes you got my back i got yours and that is truth…I will so enjoy my blog more and know that we are all human we all have faults and that is what make us all great and not boring lol…thank you for such a warm welcome and I hope you stick around and visit when you can..thank you again…Suzette… I had to follow your blog looks and sounds great…lots of reading to do…


      1. Thanks and good to know you too and I do not suffer fools anyhow and just being myself. I used to broadcast on like 100 stations and got in a conversation with a DJ in Ft Walton Beach. Discussing how DJs moan about pay and such but how they are lucky to be known and there are benefits from associating with the stations you work for. Racing Community loves me.


      2. i would say that is all we can be is ourselfs but so many others out there are not acting like how they should be acting..when i say i am just me i mean it with every bone in my body and i write that way as well i’m not here for anyone but just to write what i feel i want to say and hope that someone likes it or it makes a difference in what they are doing or so on… just me..always just me..well that is something to be proud of over 100 stations …oh i am sure the racing teams love you hehe…


  3. A big hello right back atcha! Thanks for following. I meant to say ‘hi’ last night, but english eludes me when it’s that late, so I was very much in mumble mode. A love of dogs, humor, and the f-bomb? I had to follow! Oh, and nice to “meet” you 🙂

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    1. Well thank ya chicka…And you are most welcome and hey no big deal at all I do understand lol english eludes me half the time lol…
      WOW thank you I do not think anyone has read my about me page well if they did they probably ran…..I am glad you liked it and followed me 🙂 I am just me I do speak my mind so one will never know what subject is next or shall I say when I drop the F-BOMB or others lol..and yes love dogs we work with 2 agency or so to help find homes for them..we are full and have been for awhile I believe that they call that foster failure we fell in love… but have adopted many out to great homes..It is a full time job and my guy usually is the one that does most of it.. I try to work with them and train the easy stuff like sit and shake and high five things like that. They give wonderful kisses too lol.. Thank you again for being so kind and so kool..I like your style as well..


    1. Well thank you for coming over to my blog I hope that you stay around and visit…I like hangin aroung lol..I appreceate your honest comment…I do try my best but we are only human right??… ; )
      Welcome to my blog again..

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    1. Hey gurl!!!
      a lot has happened been sick n sick and dad in the hospital and a death in the family service is this Sunday …Some good stuff too so not all bad lololol…
      How are you doing??? I want to thank you for asking and being here for me..means a lot to me to have a friend like you gurl…I hope I am back for good these days lol..
      Huggggs to you and thank you again


      1. Hey yourself! Good to hear from you! Sorry you’ve been sick and about your dad and the death in the family. Sending prayers and light. ❤
        We've been fine here, just the usual. Took a trip to MO to see daughter & family back in May. That was all the exciting news around here. At least we've been getting some rain off and on. … You take care, and write when you can. xo Hugs!!!

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      2. awww thank you it is great to hear from you as well dear one….aww it is part of life and sometimes life sucks hogg ballz lol…
        wow that was nice to see your daughter and visit Mo oh we need some rain here…first it was toooooo much and now we need more lol…
        Thank you for such kind words and prayers we will take them for sure and again thank you for checking in on me and being a friend…. : ) I will be around as long as I can…thinking of hitting the bed for now but that can always change lol…either way if I can’t sleep I will probably be back on and if I can sleep well I be in bed haha..


  4. Hi Sue, I want to thank you, for reading my blog and to let you know that I enjoy your blog as well. I love your intro of “Not all wounds are visible” how true that is. Thank you, for sharing and caring. May God bless you double to what you are already are blessed with.


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    1. Hi Cheryl!!!…
      Thank you as well…I enjoyed your blog very much so too…Aww thank you about the saying ..yes it is so true…we do not know what one is going thru especially when one looks kinda healthy looks can fool people…I hate getting well you don’t look sick…grrr..I do when I have the rash all over my face lol or pale and in bed lol.. found people can be so heartless and so mean…
      Well I thank you for taking the time to read my blog as well..I appreciate you!!!…
      Thank you for saying this, this is so kind of you : ) May god bless you too Cheryl …No matter what we go thru we are blessed…


  5. My curious self had to check you out. Love your honesty and the way you write. I totally agree with your thoughts. I have a friend named Suze and you’re a lot like her, funny, always smiling and making people laugh. I am blessed, two Suzes!😂

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    1. ahaha you sound like me..I like to look around too….lol…
      WOW such kind words…I appreciate you looking around and again such kindness ☻ I pretty much don’t have a sensor probably times I should but then that wouldn’t be me…I try to be good on others blog post lol …
      I do try to make others smile and make them laugh life is so damn short and we all have our own life and the stresses of everyday to deal with so I try to bring others a smile if I can…☻ again thank you…
      Oh that is kool about your friend Suze hey two for the price of one lol..is she on here to???…I am the one that is blessed to have a friend like you on here… and I hope that you keep in touch on here…I know I haven’t written anything in a long azz time but I am here lol…I will be writing more and doing more on here…trying to make more me time…2017 a better year for all…right lol…
      Are you doing anything 2night for the bringing in of the New Year???…

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      1. Well can you believe that I have never seen any of those movies lol…my daughter read the book …now I am showing my older age lolol…I am bad and many, many years behind on movies…lol…
        We just hanging out I told the guys that they had to stay up till midnight to bring in the New Year lol…yeah they know I am crazy…I am sure none of us will make it…but one never knows now do we lol..
        Do you have any traditions that you have for 2morrow???

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      2. We just make black eyed peas n ham for luck and health…don’t wash clothes 2morrow since for over a hundred years when someone in our family has washed clothes on that day within the year a family member has died …so………I know I am not taking the chance lol…
        Yeah my daughter read the first one…but can’t remember if she read any more or seen the movies…
        Oh it’s beautiful how they do it all with the beauty of a rose…I would so love to watch and see how that is all done…

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      3. OMG!!!…Really???!!!…
        Thank you so much ☻☻♥♥ you are so kind…☻
        I am not sure how to reblog at all…still learning about all this WP things lolol…and yes I will still be saying that years from now lolol…
        I will have to take a look at what you did….I appreciate you so very much…
        How is your day going???


      4. yuppers hanging in there …not much on TV so have musik on…got my black eyed peas and ham and cornbread going since this am…so waiting on all that to get done…


      5. My friend Suze I met as we both volunteered at the VA hospital. She is dyslexic and has learning disabilities that weren’t diagnosed as a child. So she won’t do this. Great person!

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      6. Oh the health field…same here but not in the VA…
        Oh I am sorry and sad that they didn’t help her out…but maybe some way this could help her???…she sounds like a really wonderful person…

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  6. Nice to have met you Sue ,
    With laughter and music coupled with positive attitude you will be fine. You are already working around your handicap and as you go you will find there are many more out there who do.
    You go , have fun

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    1. Nice to meet you as well Miriam… : ) ♥
      aw thank you so very much for such kind words…yes love musik and laughing and I usually positive lol…I try to laugh thru the pain…
      Yes I have talked and met on here many with disabilities makes you feel less alone …
      Yeah I am having fun on here… I enjoy everyone here…
      Love your blog post…I will check it out more here in a few…♥♥

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