Married 59 years without knowing love

This really upset me and I didn’t know if I should share or not. I left out most of the drama and somethings that really did not fit this post at this time or the point of this….

My dad got a phone call last night from his oldest brother Bernard and his wife Jeanette. Bernard is the oldest of the boys and in the family they had 11 kids with dad being the youngest. They grew up very dedicated I mean dedicated catholic family.

Anyways dad spoke with Bernard for a while and he was ready to rest so Jeanette wanted to speak with dad like they always do so Jeanette told my dad that she would call dad back after she got Bernard to bed since she is taking full total care of him by herself at the age of 87.

Bernard had another knee operation back on 3-22-2015 and did not follow orders and the Dr all of them told him that he would have problems as the same if he does not follow orders and do what they say. So here we are again he has the operation and they set up physical therapy, nurses coming in 3 times a day with therapy well that lasted a week with him he would not do anything and told them all to leave and never come back so his Dr called Bernard and asked what is going on his reply was I AM NOT DOING IT.. I DO NOT NEED IT the Dr and Jeanette pleaded with him but both got yelled at so that was the end of treatment..

He walks with a walker and has trouble bending his knee (his fault) he just drags his leg when he walks. He does nothing at all at ALL he expects to be waited on at all times by Jeanette.

they had 12 kids together and only one who is getting everything when Bernard passes is the oldest is Albert this has the rest of all the kids very pissed off and Jeanette pissed as well. Albert is the only one to visit them and if you speak on the phone to Bernard this is the only kid he talks about..

Jeanette took total care of her mother that she had move in with them at the time till her passing she has always been a very hard worker she did it all like they had to back in the day.

Jeanette calls dad back and she is in tears she is so tired of being the only one that Bernard will let take care of him and she feels all alone with no help at all. She has to wash him everyday from head to toe and dress him and sometimes feed him she has to stand behind him while he sometimes walks to the bathroom she has to pull his pants down and lift him back up and put the pants together for the most part at times he will just pee on himself. REMEMBER he is ABLE to do all this on his own!!!!.. He just can not bend his knee that is it! a few family members have tried to have a talk with him without any luck except getting yelled at and or kicked out or both.

Well Jeanette and dad keep talking and after about 15 minutes dad comes into my room and dad said that he just heard the most upsetting thing he has ever heard from them. Dad said Jeanette told him after 59 years of being married that Bernard has never once told her that he loves her!!!!!! NEVER ONCE.. she told dad even when they were younger spitting out kids that he never told her. she has even told family members and she found out that he never has told any of the kids that he loved them either except Albert the favorite one. Even my other Aunt went to talk to him and got the old stare down with evil in his eyes like his father used to do.

I do not know why she has lived this long with him? I think it maybe do to being very into catholic and going against the bible with a divorce Jeanette still goes to church she walks everyday and on Sunday. I know the bible said in marriage in sickness and in health but he has never told her that he loves her!! this so bothers me!!! It hurts me to know this she is one of 3 people who I looked up to heck I remember being at her house and she would be doing it all and sitting in her chair hand sewing socks for all the kids and going with her to 4 different grocery stores with coupons for the cheapest deals she did it all and now has to take total care of him for him being lazy and able and NO LOVE….

She Jeanette is the only one that sends a card to my dad since August when he had his major operation that he is still having trouble with and healing. He told Jeanette you send me a card all the time and I love it.  she said I will always send you a card every week and she continues to do so and it really makes my dad so happy..

How to live 59 years without knowing love?

I feel like I should or can do something but I’m not sure if I am allowed to know this information at all.

Dad has no idea what to tell her when she calls again if she brings it up again like she has. You can tell she is hurting inside and out it is weighing on her not only not being or shown love for a lifetime but taking care of him when he is able to but will not!!!…

Any ideas on what I could do to cheer her up (without talking to her) What would you do if this was you? or your family? What are the thoughts going  on in that head of you reading this? please share with me.

I feel blessed to have the family that I do 🙂 and the friends I have made on here and the followers I have.. all have been wonderful to me and patient with me while I deal with my illnesses/health and my dad and the very stressful times that we are having . so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart….things will get better oh and to a special someone “dude”  I’m back bitches lol love suzyQ

So please thoughts on this are all welcome 🙂

Life is to short to not experience the highs and lows of love..


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    1. Thank you Happily Unhappy for the visit and the follow 🙂
      also thank you for your comment but how true it is one has to experience the highs and lows of any relationship since not one is perfect. Some are just worth fighting for and some just let them go. I feel as long as we learn and there is always a lesson even if it takes awhile to reveal itself then it is worth it. Somethings are right in front of us but we fail to see…
      Again thank you and please do not be shy and stay in touch… I can not wait to check out your blog…

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  1. There are plenty of men who are uncomfortable with “I love you,” so that alone wouldn’t be a reason for concern. There are many ways people can show love and affection without words. But the rest of your description of this guy indicates that he has more problems than just communication.

    Seems to me like she’s done her duty, whatever that might be, whether it’s to her husband, kids, or the church. She doesn’t have much time left to enjoy just being herself, independent of everything else in her life. I don’t know what my advice would be, as it all depends on her financial situation. But I can recognize abuse when I see it, and this woman shouldn’t have to live the rest of her life in a situation like that.

    Of course, I wouldn’t have stayed with a man like that, no matter how many kids we had. No matter how religious I was. Religion is not an excuse for abuse. But I assume this woman is not a risk taker, else I would advise her to pack up her stuff, grab as much money as she can, and disappear. Buy a Winnabego and travel the country. Or just find a nice retirement home. She must be exhausted.

    To cheer her up, I would take her anywhere away from that man and the four walls of what appears to be a home turned into a hospital room. Get her hair done or a manicure. Take her to an art museum. And if at all possible, give her a bud brownie. 🙂

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    1. perfectly said on everything that you said. I could not agree with you more.
      I agree just not saying I love you and other forms of showing love that just broke my heart because growing up I did not see anything that stood out from them being a loving couple I never seen them hold hands or even really talk that much together but like you said there are other ways and it was not like I was there 24/7

      But I totally agree with something more going on with him. Jeanette and her sister in laws see Bernard and dad father as Bernard getting older and he was a mean, mean abusive man to his kids my dad got it the worst with a leather barber strap anywhere as long as it touched skin he would burn us cousins when little with lit cigs or cigars or hit us in the back or shins anywhere he could make contact with once my parents seen that I stayed in the kitchen with meme (grandma) he did horrible things that I can not even say on here besides what I just said.. I mean sick shit. So you hit it gurl.

      Jeanette and Bernard sisters all take her out to get her hair done and for luch. I know lunch everyday 🙂 OOH they are well to do my dear one.. not a worry for them at all!!!!!… I love that line you used “religion is not an excuse for abuse preach it gurl!! ..
      Oh yes I believe that their is more to what is going on and why she stays with him in this hell she could leave but will not..when he was in the hospital she would go to church in the morning and then go see him till afternoon mass than back to see him then leave after visiting hours…I do not care what anyone would have to say I would have been gone a long time ago for sure.

      No not a risk taker at all…I also think that there was more abuse than just not showing love something deeper and more evil and I have always felt that way even before this took place I never wanted to be left alone in that house with just him…My gut is pretty dead on it always has been so I listen to it often..
      Maybe the other kids of his stay gone for a reason something evil…except the one getting all the cash…Oh and they had one son shoot himself in the front yard…yelled to his dad and when his dad looked a shot right to his head dead at such a young age no note nothing….

      I wish we could take her out or do something with her but she is in Vermont and we live in Texas at least my other aunts and her other sister in laws try to take care of her and take her out..

      Maybe the next time when I go to the dollar store I can pick up6 or 12 cards and send her one a week? inspiration,religion,dirty,funny things like that?? I would sign dad name since his accident but that is not a big deal or hell I let him do it after all it is not all that bad she could still make it out and put my name on it too..I just might do that…since I can”t get her bud brownies lmfao but I am sure she would love them..

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    1. oh gurl yes it is me suzyQ YES it is really me 🙂 nope no dreaming at all lol and nope NO not teasing you since you would know if i was hahah
      I am doing my best to write more blogging you know the time for myself that i enjoy that i never seem to have or just to sick and speaking of sick it was pretty bad this am but doing better so i push on…
      BTW I so enjoy the blogs that you post very informative and all but most of all the blogs that come from what is inside of you 🙂 and of course i love ur humor you bring a smile to my face and a laugh out loud as well…

      You have been a great support to me and an inspiration to say the least. you truly are a great person that I could see us getting into trouble together (good trouble ) or bad either way i think it would be fun to hang with you. your attitude is just you and i would not want you any other way gurl… you are really one of a kind and that i enjoy about you…:)
      I will forever cherish my poem that you me hope and for that i thank you my dear one..
      Ok did i just boost ur ego or what haha just being honest and to let you know that you are appreciated it may not be nothing big coming from me but i just wanted to tell you..big thank you!!!!!!
      NOW if you could help me with fixing my blog lol..the tags on top like what is lupus and what is fibro all those.. how in the hell do i write a blog post where it would show up like it does on a regular bases but under that headline????? you do not have to tell me now but I can not figure it out … hell I would even give you my password since i trust you………

      Also one last thing I would swear that when I was signing on to this blog I could set reminder and it would tell me to blog or it has been so long and a calendar for it. does that sound familiar to you? I think it would even email me… I m not trying to blame my head injury but it does play a major part with things like this and I can read the help subjects and still does not compute lol..So it is a struggle to post at times with spelling and punctuation and grammar….So be it, it is just me now and this is how i am it is not like i force people to read my blog lol…

      OK OK OK OK I just seen you left a comment about how men who are not comfortable saying i love you ….so off i am to read what you had to say…love your outlook ….okok i am shutting up now… just for a bit

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      1. Yes, you did just boost my ego, gracias, Suzy Q. Just what I needed while I sit here with this funky haircut. 🙂

        I’m not quite sure about the question you’re asking regarding categories and tags. You choose your tags when creating a post and then they show up in bold at the top of your posts (for my posts, on the left side), and in widgets on the right side. And that’s about the extent of my knowledge on categories and tags.

        As for a daily reminder from WordPress to blog, I don’t know about that. But you can create posts whenever you want, then schedule them to be posted at a certain time in the future.

        You’re not the only one that has trouble understanding WordPress help sections. Usually, if I can’t figure out a way to do something myself, or if I don’t understand it, I just don’t do it:

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      2. well i am happy to boots your ego anytime my dear 🙂 you just let me know or I will just figure you out lol…
        Oh the haircut… you do not like it I take it since you said funky lol…I just usually cut my own or have olan my better half do it. I will tell him just cut straight across from here to there on this section and so on lol.. I have not had my hair cut or done professional in over 10 years or so..just do it myself ….I am thinking about doing some bangs again it has been a few years so what the fuck why not??…

        OK I seen where you liked my post of lupus and fibro….
        My question is how do I post a blog inside like the lupus one.say i am having a hard day with lupus and instead of just posting a regular blog I want to put it into the lupus one that you just liked? is that any better my sunshine…..
        Well I feel better knowing not everyone gets this site that is for sure..
        Hell I remember websites like myspace were fun since I could pimp it out and I never had a hard time moving things around and learning on my own but this site….fuck ballz sucks..
        Also I do not know how to update a post??? like the one I left you hanging lol I did not know how to update it, it only gives me an option of edit unless that is how you do it?? can you help me on that too…then I will not ask another wp question for a few ok for the rest of the day lol

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      3. Yes, the Edit button is how you change one of your posts, including adding or deleting content. But if you add new content to an old post, no one will be able to find it. Just copy the link for the old post and put it in a new post with a new name.

        Your posts can be seen in a variety of ways. There’s the main blog roll on your home page, which includes all your posts. Or I can click on one of your tags in the cloud widget on the right side, like Lupus, and only see posts about Lupus. Or I can click on a day in your calendar and only see the posts for that day.

        Bangs are sexy. 🙂

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      4. Ok I got that…so it is best to update a post by copy the link into a new post with new name like update to this was fun or what have you..k I got that..thank god that was easy enough lol….
        Ok I understand the rest of what you said about calendar and widget on the right or tagsto see the blogs people write…

        I still do not know how to post a blog that goes like a regular blog roll but gets stored in like lupus only ……where you just liked what is lupus…how do i write a blog post and it goes into that along with a blog roll…fuck a damn duck wish i could understand or make it clear for you…i need drugs and not the shit they have me on…lol
        OH.. you think bangs are sexy too…well then i just may do that sometime in the near future..only things is training them to not part in the middle after all these years lololol

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      5. “a blog that goes like a regular blog roll but gets stored in like lupus only”

        You have that. When I click on your Lupus category, all I get are posts that include the Lupus tag. If you want a blog only about Lupus, maybe you can create a new one?

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      6. like where it will say pages and i have lupus or what is fibro….I want to post days or how i am feeling if it relates only to lupus or fibro or other ones to the right.. how do i put that blog into or where it states lupus or fibro …how i have seen other blogs that are organized like that….it still goes on the blog roll but then you can find it under lupus or fibro or the other pages i set up on the right…….believe me its not you that does not understand what i am trying to say it is me having a hard time explaining myself gurl…
        I went to where the pages are like lupus and what is fibro and it just shows the links i posted in there… how do i add a new blog to that?????
        Oh I do not want to just talk about lupus but when i am having trouble i would like to post a blog in that page to the right under lupus or the other ones on the right side like muski n me.. all those …but i have no idea how to post a blog under any of them is ok if they go on the regular blog roll like i have seen others then i search there blogs and its organized ..

        I even have the list on top of my blog and to the right where it will say pages….do i have to figure out how to link them to lupus or muski or fibro or what ever i have up there and to the right? im so lost gurl lol…
        i do get what you are saying about lupus tag… but i want to write a blog and its ok for it to be on the blog roll but how do i get it to show up under or right after the lupus link in that??
        ok i stop until you read this lolol…i am rambling help help….

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  2. Pages are different than tags. For example, I only have one Page, which explains how to view photos on my blog. And like some bloggers have an About page, which you can find at the top of the site or on the sides. The pages are like widgets with words and pictures, but within a post. They’re not a part of your blog roll.

    Maybe it would help if you change the order of your widgets, like put the tag cloud at the top, and the Pages underneath. And you could try other widgets. Just play around with them. You can always delete it if you don’t like it.

    Each theme is set up differently. I could never figure out how to put a Page on the top of my website, instead of on the side. I’m not sure that’s possible with my theme.

    And now, WordPress class is over. I can’t think anymore. 🙂

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    1. I love you gurl……..Oh and that check is in the mail…lol..I hate not know how this shit works ….Oh how to put a page on the top of your website look into static page I do remember that for ya.,..see i helped you too….lol..I guess I will just have to play around with this shit one day I guess and try to remember how I had it if I do not like it …lolol…or maybe I will just take them off sense it would be much easier and to keep my blogs just the way they are… no reason to have what is lupus things like that when I can just write about it either way I just thought it would be better for each thing to have a seperate folder…

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  3. Such a sad situation for your aunt & uncle. Hope they can get it all figured out, and let your dad have some peace of mind about it. Could be a bit of dementia setting in, with him being stubborn about his care. … It would be nice for you to send her a card/letter to let her know you’re thinking of her, since you do live far away. …Now another thing…I read the comments here about setting up those tabs for the different catagories … I know exactly what you are talking about, because I’ve been trying to figure it out also…and have no idea (sorry) of how to do it, but I see the tab things on other people’s blogs, and want to do that, but I haven’t found the WP help very helpful either. Sometimes I just give up trying … like with widgets…they don’t work for me! haha

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    1. Hey my dear… 🙂
      Sorry for just getting around..
      It is very sad to me to hear this about them main reason is that Jeanette is an amazing women and I really did and still do look up to her and her ways but not like she is doing these days … The no love feeling or hearing it bothers me I think that I am in shock still….Well the good thing is that they do not call much but ever since dad had to have major operation and still recovering she has been sending a card once a week and I just love this idea!!! .. YES dementia could be playing a role on him as well I can not remember if it is hereditary or not at this time since they did say that my dad had onset of it so I do not know..need to look into this tho..thank you for mention this…
      Oh I am happy you said that about sending her a card or letter once a week or as often as I can to make her day like she has my dads … So this is a must that I will do hell it is the least that I can do and if it makes her day a better one then all is getting better 🙂
      Omg gurl yes tabs and shitt…lol.. I have them up but can not seem for the life of me to write a blog post and it post under that tab or what the fuck you call it… I can not add to it…I agree WP is NO HELP!!!!!!. So I will do as you and give up for now it just bothers me when I do not know how to run or work on a site it makes me feel uncomfortable and then that fucks with my head lol get it ?? lol
      Well if I can help you anyway with this site let me know or with anything just let me know I just keep thinking to myself that I will have more time to play around but so afraid to mess up what lil I have done….
      AGAIN OFF TOPIC I wonder if hallmark has a box of cards just for encourage or thinking of you??? instead of buying single cards for the month and taking a chance after a few months of sending the same card hahaa…. that would not be kool ….
      welll please keep in touch and always great talking to you and getting to know you more.. 🙂


      1. Not sure about the Hallmark cards in them having a boxed set. I know there are sets of all occasion cards. You know, cards are kinda expensive, at least some of them can be. Do you do any crafts? Maybe you could make your own. I’ve done that just using scrapbooking supplies, then write something nice inside. They’ve been well received, and I had fun making them…just simple cards, maybe some stickers on there or something. … Those tabs…ugh… I thought making it into a page would work, but I don’t think it did. Maybe it’s how you tag things, they go in the same category? Still don’t understand how to get them up top to click on and have it show in a little menu? Well I should take time to figure some things out on WP by experimenting, but like you, I’m afraid I will mess something up so bad I’ll lose it all! haha… Well, write to me any time you want! I feel like we have a good time talking! 🙂 xo

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      2. Yes cards can be expensive for sure I will have to look around at the dollar store may pick out enough for a month or try to find the box kind since I am not good with crafts on that level now I do knit and other things and drawl but not things that would go with a card and shitters so I will keep my eyes open lol but thank you for the idea I am aware of that since my dad family does those types of crafts with cards lol.just not me lol…..
        Oh I am sure you have the talent to do these…me nah….
        YES THOSE TABS AND THIS SHITTERS ON WP lol…the more I look for help the more confused I get…
        I remember on myspace I would get so bored so fast and I would change things up all the time and had not one problem at all but get on here and just call me dumb… I want to change my blog up as often as I feel but again that fucking word afraid…….So until I have more free time and if my brain is working at the same time I may look around and try but as for these days nope nope and nope lol for now….lol…
        I agree with you I feel the same way I also feel we have a good time talking too so it goes both ways always feel free to hit me up on here and I will get back as soon as I can … I have been doing better about being on here lol.. as always I enjoy our talks and look forward to many more

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      3. Hi, again! How’s the weekend going for you? Hope all is doing ok. I’m still trying to catch up with reading blogs, and commenting, and all like that. I’m always behind. Still want to fix stuff on my blog, but there’s not enough hours in the day to do it all. And I’m so slow at learning how to do any of it. I never had a myspace thing, as we didn’t even have a computer back then. I do have a tumblr, but have no idea what I’m doing on that either, so never go there anymore. .. You mentioned on here you had been awake for so long…and had been to an appointment in Dallas and Plano. Hope you’ve gotten some sleep since then, and are feeling better. Last time I had to be in the hospital was in Dallas. Do you live near there? We’re about 3 or 5 hours from there driving it. Can’t remember. Anyway, glad the weather is nice today, and wish it was springtime already! 🙂 Wishing you some fun and laughter, as you go about your day! 🙂 xo

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      4. hey gurl!!!! first I am sorry for taking so long to get back with ya.. Well this weekend lol I am going to try my best to have my time do things that I enjoy and just relax. How about you weekend what do you have planned? I just want to do what I want and not what I need or have to do…
        Oh yes I know how hard it is to catch up on blogs this is why I NEED MY TIME!! I always feel like I am rushing and not getting anything done I do tho get things done but hell I even rush when I take a shower yeah that is sad……
        No I agree with you about fixing things on ones blog not enough hours and for me not enough brain hehe I do think I may have figured out what I needed to know but to scared that it might mess it up so again same problem scared lol…so I do understand what you are saying 100% wish they made it easy since I have read comments on wp and others have issue as well… Yes me tooooo slow at learning very slow.. so you are not alone one bit gurl… Oh you never had a myspace I enjoyed it just for decorating it out all the time since like I said I get bored with the layout fast oh no computer I see… I do not have tumblr since i have no idea how it works either lol I do have twitter it has been so long last time it was easy but I know some changes has taken place but I think it still maybe easy GOD I HOPE!!…
        Yes I had been awake for a very long time I knew I was going in to a fibro flare I am trying to learn more about my fibro and lupus and shitt like that so I can help myself out better since my DR sucks azz… Thinking on looking for a new one that helps with those issues… Y es I did get some sleep then it happened again where I was up again but I got so bad yesterday I had to lay down real early and I did sleep off and on from 4pm till this am. But no matter what I am up just about every 30 minutes or every 1 hour I also have chronic fatigue so that does not help things…are you a good sleeper??? the last few days had a headache but today has been such a better day thank you for asking 🙂 I never know from day to day how I will feel it sucks….
        Um Dallas is about 60 miles one way for us or depends where we go…You are how far from Dallas??? 3-5 hours? it would be so kool to get to know each other and maybe meet up in Dallas or somewhere closer for lunch or an all day thing or weekend??? So where about do you live? I live in a small town of Campbell… Greenville is the next town over…
        If I may ask what happened to send you to the hospital gurl? If to personal or you do not want to share not a problem I do understand….
        Yes today was a pretty day we have been lucky so far with the weather that is for sure but winter is not over for Texas and we all know that lol… I so needed and glad to see the sun out and nice temps I watch from inside but still helps with depression and makes things so pretty.. oh yes I love spring I just wish we had a better spring like more days of it since here we may get a few days then the heat is on … well you know how it is here lol….All gurl you are sooooo sweet I wish you some fun and laughter as well as they say laughter is the best medication…. 🙂
        Well I am here and again sorry about taking so long..
        Hugggggs n love to you gurl….

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  4. It’s funny, I feel the same way about Facebook that you feel about WordPress. I just don’t have the patience to figure out Facebook, when I’m already busy trying to figure out WordPress. Poor MySpace, popular one internet minute, and gone the next. 🙂

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    1. lol I can figure out Facebook this site fuck a damn duck I tell ya…
      But since I have not been to bed yet since the other day and had a trip to my fucked up DR in Dallas and then had to go past Dallas to the other side of Plano and I started a fibro and lupus flare together the being awake pain starting in my stomach to my arms I just said nah I think that I’m learning more on my damn own then these rude azz so called Dr sooo PISSED OFF GURL!!!!……….
      Pretty much we left around 11:45am got home after 7:30pm but I did some light reading catching up on my useless mags lol and started to plan out my next week I did have to miss dads Dr appointment still in pj’s lol my better half is a keeper he took him and told the dr what was going on with him…so they made it ok with out me hahah and now he is making us dinner Valentines dinner we have meat lol……..
      about this site since I have been up and looking around I may have found somethings that I was looking for to help me not positive just yet since I did not try YET!!!…
      We will see and I also get so bored with the look of my blog so fast I like change so I will see where this leads…dun dun dun….

      YES poor Myspace I had fun making profiles and backgrounds….. Makes you wonder what site like Facebook and Myspace what will be next?????? Also it has been prob a month since I got onto my Facebook that is just how I do it … sometimes on alot or then here and there lol I can always be reached tho either way

      Do you have a tumblr ???

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      1. No, dude, no Tumblr. No Twitter. And I rarely go on Facebook because it irritates the hell out of me. WordPress services all of my needs just fine. 🙂

        I never had a myspace, and I hope Facebook is the next to go. Just read an article about how they closed down pages for some cannabis dispensaries in another state, and I’m like, that’s not fair. Facebook sucks. 🙂

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      2. same here no tumblr .. I do have twitter but have not been on 6 months or so… I agree I do like wp.. now just to figure it out from head to toe… I do not like not knowing how things work… I do wish that wp had a private message pop up…
        I was all over myspace but also had more free time back in the day…
        WTF really closed down pages…. hell you should see what my better half post about weed and pictures haha I think it is sad how we all know who smokes weed and shit and he goes to post a picture and we get crickets people are two faced and scared to be who they are they want to pretend to be one thing and turn around and show another face… if you can not be honest with who you are then fuck off and delete him or me…. and they do lol… or with the rescue of dogs we do people have deleted us since they don’t want to see us get homes for these dogs… Agree facebook does suck… and again I do like it here…

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  5. Hey, again! As usual I’m trying to catch up. At least we are having great weather these days, and supposed to be in 80s here the next couple. I know what you mean, spring doesn’t last long, then we are roasting under the TX sun forever it seems. You mentioned that Greenville was the next town over from y’all. We used to live in Greenville! It was a long time ago, like in the 70s I think. My husband worked for a time at the phone company there, AT&T or Southwestern Bell, or what ever it was. Greenville was a pretty good town at the time. Well, we’ve lived all over the place…Lubbock, is home, always has been, but we’ve lived in Paris, Clarksville, Beeville, Greenville, Killeen/Ft. Hood, Sinton, and then he was in the Army (now retired) and we lived overseas (Japan & Germany), and in OK, and KS, plus traveling through all kinds of places. (I say I’ve been there, even if it was just a stop at an airport haha) … So, the reason I was in the hospital awhile back, was for gall bladder stuff. Not fun. Had it out here in town, and they put a stent in, and it went goofy, so had to have it removed, but they couldn’t do it here, so sent me to Dallas. All is good now. … Hope you had a good weekend. Hope you are feeling ok, too. I know you’ve mentioned Fibro and CFS…hope the good days outnumber the painful ones. … We took lunch over to my daughter’s house on Sun. and got to play with our grand-daughter. That was fun, as always, but all that playing we aren’t used to, so we are tired when we get back home! … Well, I’ll wish you a lovely day, and some fun too along the way. Take care! xo ~ barbara

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    1. Hey gurl
      I know how it is to play catch up that is what I am doing now as well lol… and under the headache and throwing up all the last 2 days but feeling better today thank GOD!!!..
      Yes I am loving these temps for sure and the sunny days today not so much overcast and looks like it is going to rain but so far no rain…oh I know I hate how hot it gets here my god the heat I do not look forward to it at all…NOPE I DO NOT!! lol
      Damn gurl and here I thought we moved a lot when I was younger lol We moved from Vermont to California around 6 times Vermont to Missouri around 6 times and Texas to Missouri 2 times oh and Washington once when I was just a baby due to dad working in construction and not wanting mom and I to be alone… Hell I enjoyed it met a lot of nice people on our trips and where we lived I always said it was a vacation lol It is the only vacation we ever went on so I say we are really do for a REAL vacation lol…
      Oh you had problems with the ol gall bladder you sure we are not living the same life lol… I just can not wait to get mine out. How I hate it since you never know when it will act up and you are throwing up your guts and in so much pain….So glad you got it taken care of 🙂
      Aww you are so kind and thank you for asking yeah some days are ok and others not so much.. lately more rough days than anything but I hang in there…
      Oh I am sure you had fun with the lil one those are great times. How old is the grand baby? lol wish they could put the energy they had into a bottle and sell it I am sure you are tired I love kids they are so fun and especially when you can return them to home hahah…
      So you pretty far from Dallas? So where do you call home now?..
      I wish you a wonderful day and weekend any plans?? me I am laying low getting somethings done but not much and no paper work this weekend just my time that I sooooo need … ; )
      I hope to hear from you when you get a chance I will get back to you faster or at least try I am thankful that you do understand…


  6. Hey again, Suzette! Hope you’re not too mad at me that I take so long to get back talking to you! I really mean to come back sooner. Wish this had a pvt. message place. You’re on FB? Send me a friend request if you want, then we can talk more. … Hope the past days have been good to you. Here is all about the same. No big exciting happenings around here. Still bogged down with emails to answer, and you know, once you put something on your blog, then you get comments you need to answer, and go and read something of theirs too, to be fair. Well, it never ends. I love it, but as I said, trying to keep up every day takes so much time!! I did find out something about how to put catagories on the top of a WP blog…I think that is what it’s about. haha haven’t really read it in detail, but I need to and see if I can make it work. Here is the link to the instructions … … maybe this is what we’ve been looking for! 🙂 … Awhile back you asked if I am a good sleeper? I would say yes, but I don’t sleep for very many hours at a time. I’m good if I get 5 maybe 6 hours a night. But I have no problem falling asleep. I can go to sleep just sitting in a chair, which I do sitting here typing sometimes, or reading, or whatever. Mostly it is the cat who wakes me up, so I just stay up and get on the computer in the mornings! 😉 and get coffee! It’s beginning to look like spring around here too. Trees are blossoming out, budding out greens, and mild temps. We had a short rainfall this morning too. … So, I hope you are doing well, and have had some fun and laughs lately! … Until next time… wishing you peace and love! ❤

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    1. Hey gurl!!!
      In no way shape or form am I mad or upset with you so please do not ever think that OK…I understand how it is to keep up with a blog and life and all…You seen how long it has taken me to even get back with you and yes I am sorry for that as well… but life is kicking me in the azz with all that is going on…
      Oh that link you sent me well she is helping me as we speak lol so a big thank you to you for that and she is a sweet heart for sure…so I am not trying to be rude and I will get back with you on this post so not to worry I will be back ..
      Huggs gurl

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      1. Hey Suzette! Hope it’s a grand day for you! Glad you were getting some help with the catagories thing here. I think I may have figured it out, at least a little bit. I’m still working on it though. I read over what she was telling you, and you’re right, she is a big help in explaining it. 🙂

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      2. yuppers hanging in there…hope your day is a good one as well…
        YES she is of great help in fact I have her email in my phone but I looked at it and can’t find it since I wanted to keep in touch with her…I will find it tho lol…she seems so sweet and kind I don’t want to just help me and be done ..I am not that kind of person …
        yeah I still need to look into something like tabs but i think I may have learn somethings from her doing it for me bless her heart….I just have to find time to look around and play and mess it all up…lol…
        I still like this theme but get bored so fast and want to change only gives me a few color opt and that is about it lol…I’m afraid if i change to another theme that I will loose it all THAT IS STUCK IN MY HEAD…..LOL

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      3. I couldn’t find a reply place up on the other conversation, so guess I’ll say something here. 😉 I know what you mean, about changing things up. I try to follow directions they give, then I get confused when I can’t find what they talk about, so I just push this and that button and hope it doesn’t all go away!

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      4. OMG same here.. but me to afraid to push those buttons since if I did it , it would go away lol..
        Yeah I can’t figure out what they are trying to say either…I have read and looked around on wp for help but get even more lost…lol

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      5. Exactly! Well, I’ll keep on trying. Seems like every day there’s something else to learn about on these blogs! 🙂 … ❤ I'm gonna go rest my eyes awhile…the wind is blowing here stirring up some dust, so my eyes are red and gritty…west Tx haha 🙂 enjoy the rest of your afternoon!

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      6. Yes I wish they would leave it alone…and add a private message…
        OK gurl you rest those eyes.. the wind is starting to pick up here too…looked like rain all day long we got a little shower for a second lol…
        K speak again soon…rest…

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    2. How have you been dear one??…. It has been awhile and I just remembered that I did not finish writing to you on here..
      I do have facebook but have not been on it oh around 3 or so months but when I do get back on it I will for sure add you to my list of friends that is not a problem at all gurl.. I just had to take a break from it and usually I take care of dad and bills and paperwork so with everything going on I have to choose what I have time for and my health is the main thing and I have a hard time putting that first so I end up sicker…
      I’m not a good sleeper at all until recently still up about every hour or so but since I had been sick I have been in bed not always sleeping but resting just so tired I can fall asleep sometimes while trying to get back to people just put my head down and rest or sleep lol… that is why sometimes it takes me awhile to get back with everyone health sucks hog….
      Anyways I hope now that you are not mad at me for taking so long again lol…
      I hope you had or having a wonderful Saturday

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    1. It is sad..Yes he is a total piece of shit the way I see it… He was just back in the hospital again for health issues (I have not heard the details just yet) But they are checking everything and everything is checking out ok so next I believe his mental status and find out why he does not want to walk and do things for himself…
      I also just found out that his wife … poor wife does physical therapy (like she does not do enough for him) Another kicker is that they have the best insurance since he did work all his life so he has several checks coming in and many different insurance that covers everything… They do not pay a cent for anything Yet he wants her to do the therapy and not the real ones that are trained …..She is going to wear herself to thin and get sick or worse hurt herself… and none of the kids help her out at all ..out of a shitt load of kids you would think they would try to help out but nope well just the one every so often and very few and far between and only since he is the one that will get all the money when he dies and not Barnard wife ..
      Anyways that is the update sad as it is…
      I thank you so much for the visit ; ) and comments… I also enjoy your blog…I may not comment much but I do enjoy it…
      ? for you say if I wanted to update this blog post do I just go in and edit?? If you can help me that would be amazing but if not I do understand..
      I need all the help that I can get on this website lol for some reason I have a hard time figuring it out.. Heck other sites I used to do others websites lol even on good ol myspace I would pimp it out (pun intended) lol..
      Hugggggg to you my dear one

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      1. Thank you so much for this much needed information I appreciate you!!..
        Yes I agree with you on him having issues going back years…
        I know that the so called father would beat my father with the old time barber strap and no matter who done what my dad would get it..The father was an mean old man even from what I remember ..So from talking with dad and knowing just a little history they had physical abuse and never told I love you either…But I think some more or something more went on of course I have no proof of this but so far my gut has never been wrong.. Oh I also know the father used to be so called rough back in the day to dads mother things that my dad knows but from what I gather when dad tries to tell me I get the feeling it’s horrible so I ask dad not to tell me.. I do not know if I should have dad tell me maybe it would help my dad get things off his chest?? But then again I do not know if I am ready or need or want to know the real truth………………….

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  7. Hello Sue, There must be some big karma between your uncle and his wife. The poor dear must have no self esteem, which is why she doesn’t leave. From your discription of him he seems to exibit very psychopathic behaviors. My guess is that this was not at all a happy house to grow up in and your cousins got out and as soon as they could. The son that does keep in touch is probably just like his father and that is why he is the favorite. It’s also very telling that one of his sons killed himself while his father watched. Some very not good shit happened n that house, a lot! It didn’t begin with him either, this sort of shit is generational.
    It’s not the bible that discourages divorce.The Hebrews were allowed to divorce for very specific reasons. Not just because you don’t like them anymore and you found someone else. It is the Catholic church that frowns upon it and even has opened it up over the years. It used to be that if you were divorced you were excommunicated. But not any more. I wish your poor Aunt the very best. She needs to leave him and she knows it. Sadly, she will probably not do it.


    1. Oh wow that is sad too…Yes it does happen you and I have seen it and yes it is crazy but where is the love?? and you tell it like you is to damn simple .sad but true…


  8. I read this again
    It hit me rite in the gut
    God how cruel some people can be
    It’s only his knee
    And he does all of that to her
    God I could go on
    Suzy q I’m tired tonite
    Long afternoon
    Short on drive
    I did write a lot
    Between last nite and today
    Even reiki was hard today
    And my friend
    Keep writing
    You’re on to something

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