Well this was fun…..NOT!!!!!!!

We all are just getting home from what should have been a long day from Dallas and Dr appointments ………..

But instead life just likes to throw us curve balls…..well you know what they can do with them balls……..

So we are home and so tired and hot….I did have to spend sometime in the sun and anyone with lupus knows that is not a good thing I hope that I do not flare due to being out in it we will see….oh and I have not ate all day and starving!!!!!! so left overs are in the oven (thank God)….So I’m past the point of being pissed the fuck off and almost ready just to hit the damn bed…..

Good news……. I’m happy it happened close to home and that we all are safe …

So tomorrow off to the Dr office again…yes let us try this again….oh what fun….

I will try to write a blog post about this shit when I get home (if it’s not to late) as soon as I can….


19 thoughts on “Well this was fun…..NOT!!!!!!!”

  1. I don’t know what side is up to much pain not enough sleep I wish I had answers but I don’t I know what my gut is telling me but I will wait to see the neurologist that’s what is next beside the mri

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    1. It’s always good to have answers… to put a name to what’s causing you so much pain. Hard to treat a condition if it doesn’t have a name. Good luck with the doctor and MRI, Sheldon.

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    2. i hope you get some rest and relief soon my friend…i know what it is like to live in pain everyday of my life thus far and yes it can be very hard to be able to pull off even the little things in life…i wish you well and please let me know…

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  2. “I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.” Lewis Black

    “If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.” Abraham Lincoln

    Hi Suzy Q 🙂

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    1. hey gurl… i like those sayings lol..trying to find a good brand of coffee with out breaking the bank lol…i want to feel it.. i want to wake up!!.. or hot tea what ever one would wake me up and taste half way decent …
      well gurl i am trying to work my way back here … i am sitting here trying to piece together the hardshit 😉 things that have happened since ive been gone… never a dull moment since i had to go offline with a flare starting..then all the fun started in…but i am working hard to be here since i do so enjoy you and others blogs the people make me want to come back..the love..understanding…and fuck i just miss you and all..lol… huggs n love to you gurl 🙂

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    1. hey my sunshine gurl…
      im happy you liked my snowman hehe
      thank you so much for the Merry Christmas wishes and back to you an family 🙂 it means a lot to me that you came over and took the time to do so….so a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you my dear….
      btw sorry took so long to reply to this one I thought i had on my phone..still learning all what my phone does and how certain emails and shitters work..lol..
      So did you have a nice Christmas? what did you do and get… also what about New Years did you have plans?…
      hugggggs n love to you

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    1. well sunshine believe me i would not do this on purpose or to be rude or hurt you in any way shape or form…that is NOT me…
      and i hope you don’t get used to it…honest just sick and many things going on now an aunt has been in ICU and has just been transfer to a local home near us…it is my better halfs aunt and so the stress continues life as one calls it lol..
      oh and if you ever worry so much that you can not stand it you can always email me you know if you dont want me to scare you and just pop in here and there ….lol…
      well sunshine you make me smile that is for sure…
      can i blame the unexplained urine leakage on you for making me laugh?

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      1. Speaking of urine leakage, funny story… Somebody dumped a few adult diapers outside on the ground, and it seems no one has the guts to pick them up. All the other trash gets picked up, but those diapers remain. We’ve had some rain and snow in the past few days, so I’m thinking I might risk my life to finally throw them in the trash bin. Ah, getting old… 🙂

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      2. omg gurl lmao and ewwwie honey lol
        i really do not get people anymore AT ALL!!!!…well it takes a lot of guts to pick them up or you might just up chuck your guts while at it :0
        since i have worked in the medical field most my life it would not bother me but i would wear gloves and since you said it had snow and rain i would wear an outfit you could throw out and eye protection and mask … i think that might be enough lol just to be safe from that urine splashing back on you just knowing how my luck is you might have better luck lmao
        have you called the manager where you live? and you know that there is always a upside gurl…..
        at least it was not anal leakage hehehe :O
        also hope as i get older that i will still be in my left mind to be able to clean up my own mess or at least throw them away instead of the walking area…

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