Mr Coffee you suck

Well I just posted a blog about not able to sleep and Fibromyalgia in the post about Fibromyalgia (I do not know how to link them) sorry..But feel free to read it so you know the whole story….

I was stating that I was going to maybe start my day but first make some coffeee

well you see now the fucking coffee maker is not working at all ..I did all the normal things to try to make it work like hit it…smack it… rub it down and called it all kinds of nice names but oh no the fucker still will not work…We have to have coffee in the morning ..we sit at the coffee table and drink our coffee and talk the morning away so what the fuck??!!!!

I even tried to make one out of an old ice tea maker but hell no that did not work at all either ..I did think there was hope since it started to make it and then grounds were pouring into it and the top was over flowing even tho I did not put that much water in it and coffee also started to come out from the back of this ice maker…I do not think anyone has had as much bad luck with coffee makers than us really I do….Well just put it out there we only have bad luck..that person has a voodoo doll on all of us and when I find out who they are ohhhh the things that I will do to them…………going on 10 years of really fucking bad luck… if I told you everything you all would be in shock for sure..bad , bad luck..FUCK YOU COFFEEEEEE MACHINE …NO GOOD FOR NOTHING …..Mr Coffee you suck as a brand that is for sure!!!!!!…Now how to tell the guys that the coffee machine is broke and another fucking fact it is not even a year old the mother fucker……

I can tell how my day is going to go… But I will do my best not to let it win.. I will do what I do best and hang the fuck in there………………………..

14 thoughts on “Mr Coffee you suck”

    1. Well my better half got a coffee maker the other day………
      Another Mr Coffee maker lmao…well all I know this one better last longer than a fucking year (if that ) so it continues let us just see how long this one will last lol….Our next one will be a nicer one we are just not ready for it yet… at this point
      Thank you again about the picture..that is my world : )
      Oh by the way I was very nice introducing the new Mr coffee into our home… I said welcome home bitch!!!!!

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      1. Oh yes me too…I have my cup in the morning and sometimes at night it doesn’t give me energy or anything like that ..maybe it’s cheap coffeeeee lol….

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      2. Sounds like to me that you have it all figured out and a good plan…☻
        I have never really got into anime but love,LOVE old time cartoons hehe…
        Now what time are you making that red lentil soup???…shall I catch the next flight out lol..sounds amazing!!!…
        I am not sure maybe something like homemade ham and beans and corn bread??? that way it will last for a few days…or at least I hope till we can go food shopping lol…or if I have some black eyed peas then I will make them…they are supposed to bring you good luck …and believe me I think everyone needs some change in their lives…I know it just can’t be me lol.. ; )
        or homemade chicken noodle with rice soup???… or just fend for oneself lol evil laugh …jk…
        I hope to catch some musik shows on TV but I have been so out of the loop with new musik people…I mean I have heard of some and like the musik but just not the same as when I was younger..guess I am just getting old lol..BUT WE ALL ARE SO HAHAHA…
        again what time is dinner???…lmao

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      3. Sounds great my friend ☻ that is how I cook as well make a big pot of soup or anything that will last for awhile to get us thru…
        Amen to that!!!…just depends on the days lol..
        I think that I am going to make black eyed peas with ham and a lil salt pork…for this evening …as soon as dad gets out of the kitchen lol he is making more some kind of cookie squares they are so good…and cheap to make..I may have to take a picture and post a blog about them…

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    1. I know how that is about dinner…
      go figure so sick of this piss poor health care fucking system… sorry to hear you having trouble to with azz hole so called fucking drs… I really feel ur pain and get it…
      yes enough about that piece of shitt coffeee maker lol…
      its been a rough day…dad has been in a mood for a couple of days n so sick of it and about ready to go home… tired of it all my friend…

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