Prince is dead…

Prince is dead at the young age of 57….

I am in shock!!! I am at a loss for words …He was just on IG posting pictures ..

I mean I wasn’t a huge, huge fan I loved his hit songs and the others were pretty deep lyrics ..I think he was very talented man and a mystery as well….

How and why ??? and will it come in 3’s ???

Yes I could say so much more on this post but I will just leave it like it is…

Please comment as you find out more information on his death… I just think he was to young and I heard he led a healthy lifestyle soooooo….


23 thoughts on “Prince is dead…”

    1. Yeah I can not believe this at all… I want to say he had a party Saturday and was in talks or something about a tour/concert ….I believe that is what I just heard not to long ago… : (

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  1. I haven’t actually heard any news about it, just that he had died, as people are posting videos and all on here and twitter. Guess we’ll hear something at some point. Still, it is a shock.

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  2. It was very shocking news! People at work were pretty sad about it. I’m still in shock right now. They played Purple Rain on my way home from work. The news also said it was raining purple rain in his hometown. RIP Prince. 😢

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    1. after the rain there was a rainbow over his home…look for the picture it’s pretty picture … I believe we will find out more on this mysterious person when it is all said and done

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    1. Yes!..I also think that he had so much more talent that we never were able to see or hear besides his amazing musik..
      Really we do not know much of this man named Prince just what he wanted out and that was nothing except musik..I always thought he would write a book or two I mean just from what little interviews he did you were still left wondering and wanting more…
      Unlike today’s artist the paps follow them everywhere they are everywhere we turn on the news (some good some bad) DWI , Drugs you name it..Not Prince he seemed to avoid problems that most seek ..But what went on in that compound what types of conversations musik for sure but we know he is a thinker and deep thoughts but again what really took place ????? I wonder if he had journals of his thoughts ….A person like that I would just love to pick his/her brain how deep does the rabbit hole go on a person like him/her…
      I believe he knew much more about subjects than he let on in rare interviews he gave…

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    1. So true… Well I really enjoyed your blog post.. I look forward to reading more from you as well..Yes feel free to visit anytime I would enjoy that..
      To a new friendship..

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    1. Yes it is!! Oh so talented beyond words or cords…He really did seem to be on top of his game I believe he was getting ready to tour again.. I know he liked private parties like just showing up and jamming lol..
      I just don’t know if I believe the media hype that has been going on about him…Like Od on drugs when I thought he was JW and lived a certain life style like eating certain foods healthy you know and again with the drugs I thought he didn’t put anything bad into it….But we didn’t live his life and his body and what he did in the privacy of his own home..It is his life to live it as he seen fit..
      I am trying to figure this “death” out and again you can’t believe what the media tells us….
      So much talent and intellect also makes me wonder what books he read….


  3. We love Prince at Gastradamus, we really do. We would really appreciate your feedback on a few of our pieces. We have one title, “Rest in Prince, When Doves Cry”. Your follow is admired.

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    1. The question is who didn’t like Prince ; )
      I am sure some don’t he could get pretty deep with his songs and the lyrics were deeper on some…I believe he was on another level of talent, life and the meaning of it..he had such a deep intellect I mean that man was beyond the word smart…I believe he always knew what he was doing he was or seemed always in control..So I just don’t understand his “death” we have a difference between dependent on medications where one wants it for the high and we have one where you take the medication like you should because one hurts I believe he had hip trouble I don’t see him as the type to take more than what is directed but again I don’t know him……I believe if he were taking more than directed he wouldn’t have performed those shows or able..I believe this to be deeper I will not care what the media will say they lie…I don’t care what others say about what I have said here..Something deeper…This man lived what we know of a clean life eating good and worked hard my God he was only 5feet 2inches small frame and a ball of intellect just listen go on youtube and watch what few interviews he has out and learn what you can from a man that knew maybe to much…(if you ask some)…..I so want to buy every album or CD that he made but I know that can’t be done..Money..You can’t watch many of his videos on youtube since he has them removed If you want to hear the greatness in all his glory one must buy and pay for it..Not free..after all he had to pay to make the musik..that was one of his fights the other I know of was when the evil music industry had his musik and he had the word slave on his face one part of it was that they weren’t even going to let him have his name back his God given name that his parents named him…so that is one reason he changed it to the sign..who owns who here on earth?? or the after world or what ever one believes …..
      We are loosing a lot of the greats what most went through to bring us joy and happiness the amazing sounds that shock our soul to the core and bring us great memories these days…With that said today’ music is sad and pathetic well for the most part..(OK haters this is jmo) if you can lead me to some great talent and music and not this autotune crap I will be happy to give it a listen..They have ruined music they don’t let it breath… They don’t let it form and come together it’s not an art any longer again for me..They try to cram in all that they can in one song and it comes out a jumbled mess they don’t soak it up so how are we supposed to???? everything has a place and time in all that we do in life so why not music?? Don’t rush the processes that makes great musik don’t force it oh but the label wants that Cd out today and your look a certain way sex sells and always will but then again look at the greats some went on stage in regular clothes they didn’t need the outfit to shine since the music and talent did that for them …except when you have someone like Elvis that’s just a small example that was the whole package..This is what is missing in today’s world…The whole package of their own not some made up a certain look and sound by the label …When these new ones can dance and play the instruments and SING LIVE without a backing tape and keep the crowd on tip toes maybe then we will have hope of some of more Greats up and coming …
      Don’t get me wrong I like a handful of singers of today more some are from the 90’s and still doing it..It’s just not innovating like it used to be it’s more of a production now and I get that but sometimes less is more..Let the music be heard every beat every instrument being heard let the singer sing from the soul let the crowed be captivated in aw let it breath and bathe in soak it up and rejoice and relish in the greats that we still have while looking for the ones still alive and kicking wanting to play but THEY say it’s just not kool any more..Let us the fans decide that and show them how we still love the greats even if dead and how we love some of the new ones but please start playing a more variety instead of hearing the same damn song on rotation every hour…We had greats ..We still have greats..It could just be a matter of letting the artist truly being themselves and not such a project..Let the talent show and shine you just might find that great again ..But when you put them in a box they have no way of showing off the true greatness that can be….

      I want to thank you for such kind words and inviting me to your place…I really do appreciate the very warm welcome and the follow as I will follow back as I really enjoyed reading what little I did (short on time) But I look forward to our friendship..
      Sorry this was just off the top of my head I know random but sometimes that is just me lol…


    1. It sure is and so damn much talent in that lil body of his…Still today and his autopsy some “findings” It is so hard to believe …I can see more information and findings out soon…since I do not think they let all of what they found out yet…
      I appreciate you stopping over and the visit..Hope you visit more often

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