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Prince is dead…

Prince is dead at the young age of 57….

I am in shock!!! I am at a loss for words …He was just on IG posting pictures ..

I mean I wasn’t a huge, huge fan I loved his hit songs and the others were pretty deep lyrics ..I think he was very talented man and a mystery as well….

How and why ??? and will it come in 3’s ???

Yes I could say so much more on this post but I will just leave it like it is…

Please comment as you find out more information on his death… I just think he was to young and I heard he led a healthy lifestyle soooooo….


Mr Coffee you suck

Well I just posted a blog about not able to sleep and Fibromyalgia in the post about Fibromyalgia (I do not know how to link them) sorry..But feel free to read it so you know the whole story….

I was stating that I was going to maybe start my day but first make some coffeee

well you see now the fucking coffee maker is not working at all ..I did all the normal things to try to make it work like hit it…smack it… rub it down and called it all kinds of nice names but oh no the fucker still will not work…We have to have coffee in the morning ..we sit at the coffee table and drink our coffee and talk the morning away so what the fuck??!!!!

I even tried to make one out of an old ice tea maker but hell no that did not work at all either ..I did think there was hope since it started to make it and then grounds were pouring into it and the top was over flowing even tho I did not put that much water in it and coffee also started to come out from the back of this ice maker…I do not think anyone has had as much bad luck with coffee makers than us really I do….Well just put it out there we only have bad luck..that person has a voodoo doll on all of us and when I find out who they are ohhhh the things that I will do to them…………going on 10 years of really fucking bad luck… if I told you everything you all would be in shock for sure..bad , bad luck..FUCK YOU COFFEEEEEE MACHINE …NO GOOD FOR NOTHING …..Mr Coffee you suck as a brand that is for sure!!!!!!…Now how to tell the guys that the coffee machine is broke and another fucking fact it is not even a year old the mother fucker……

I can tell how my day is going to go… But I will do my best not to let it win.. I will do what I do best and hang the fuck in there………………………..