11 thoughts on “Meditate…”

  1. You’ve got to push it
    No matter what the it is
    I can’t swim in my spit all
    The time,it does me no good
    Besides the guys are here to clean the oil furnace,then the plumber comes to fix the shower,not to mention the rest that needs my attention

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    1. Oh I got ya on that…you must keep pushing thru what ever life has to throw at you…I know it gets hard sometimes but we must push thru… now I have times where I can’t take any more pain and have to lay down since I know another pain pill will not help so just lay down for a lil… regroup …
      dang we need those workers over here too lol…electric needs looking at here at dads… the water pipes need looking at our home and new under pinning and the whole house needs paiting….i could go on lolololol


      1. Wow thank you so much for such kind words…
        I love your writing as well…I love the one I just read…”The tree of boundless compassion” perfect…


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