10 thoughts on “Never…”

    1. Just seen this as I took a shower n had an early supper…
      omg Sheldon hun!!!…you break my heart into million of pieces …I’m holding out my hand now grab the mother fucker and hold tight…I won’t let you go…you go I go…
      Love cyber huggggggs thank you my dear
      ((((Hugggs n ♥♥♥))))

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    1. What are they giving you for pain hun???…maybe talk to the Dr and tell the idiot that this isn’t working…if you haven’t already…I know they are cracking down on pain meds…it sucks hogg ballz…
      omg you brave man you to the dentist on top of your pain…!!!


    1. Hey my dear Sheldon hun!!!…
      Glad to have you here hun…I understand how it is….
      It just makes me want to stay inside and at home even more… and the thought of it going on in a church…scary times we live in…


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