So Cold!!!…

These pictures I took when we had the big ice storm in 2014 I believe…some I played with some features on my phone…nothing like when it snows and you hear the trees cracking and waiting for limbs to fall…the silence…

28 thoughts on “So Cold!!!…”

    1. I loved it..I would sit on the porch and listen the the wind blowing the trees and all you heard was crackling of the ice filled trees a lot of damage around town too… I usually go on facebook to our friends and make sure that they are all counted for lol…just to be safe… since some have to drive on it… Oh I know gurl …I hate how they drive even faster when we get ice or snow or rain lol… imma hoping for a white winter again…lol

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      1. I know lost photos for ever…I still have all my old phones since I see no real reason to upgrade every single time you can… I mean it’s different when it’s needed lol… I wish there was a way to get my old pictures off all of our phones…
        Yes for sure new pictures new start… : )

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      2. It is really sad to have lost them all I am sure…I know how I felt about it… hey I wonder if we took the old phones to like at&t or where ever maybe they could get them off??? even without a cord to charge them lolol

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      3. that’s true lol…
        I have the samsung galaxy note 3…if that tells you how old my phone is when they have just released the note 8…!!!…lmao…I love the 8 from what I read and videos…but as long as mine is working I will keep it or if they give me a free upgrade lol… they usually do…but that’s the least of my worries lolol

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      1. We are alike I tell ya… I also love to sit out on the swing or porch with hot coffeeee or hot coco and just sit and relax of nature sounds…
        I am so hoping we get snow this year…I can hope can’t I ???… but most times it’s an ice storm like those pictures I posted and people drive faster…one year we had a lot of snow for this area and being in Texas… we didn’t get anything the last 2 years I believe…so fingers crossed and prayers sent to the man above for snow…
        It is just a calmness that can’t really put into words well at least I can’t lol…solitude at its best…

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