Friday the 13th…

Good afternoon friends n family…

So today is Friday the 13th… are any of you scared or don’t like this day???… I would love to hear your reasons why and what led you to be…

superstition is not just for this day Friday the 13th…many have it everyday…like a black cat crossing your path…to walking under a ladder…opening an umbrella inside the home…the list goes on…

So again I would love to hear your thoughts about this day… : )

thankfulfridaythe13th I think us as humans have a lil superstition in us …

14 thoughts on “Friday the 13th…”

  1. I embrace every day, the 13th is just a number driven by man, everything is all and like being in the now, no fears, no superstitions and I even walked below a ladder earlier…..ouch, darn….just cut myself….okay, just kidding. Ate some cheese, yum, no cuts and life is amazing :)almost that time….or so the dogs sad pathetic eyes tell me, is it bone thirty yet? ❤


  2. Friday the 13th eh Sue? The washing machine packed up, the dentist refused to remove the tooth again cause the INR level was out of range, I nearly got knocked over by a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, stubbed my toe, a hearing aid packed up, dizzy spells returned and I’ve lost my camera card.
    No, the 13th doesn’t bother me gal, just a normal day.
    Hehehe! TTFN Taketh care.

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    1. awww poor you hun…you have been thru the wringer my dear…all that in one day???!!!… If that is a normal day then I hate for you to have a rough one my dear one… but I get it…if something bad is going to happen it usually happens to me lolol

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