5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Coincidence”

  1. Good morning dear heart
    I just dropped by to say hello
    I had a epidural shot yesterday for my herniated disc,I feel ok this morning
    But have a headache last nite and didn’t really sleep,how goes it wit you
    As Sheldon Always

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    1. awww hey my dear Sheldon hun…
      well you know I always want you to stop over and have a chatt with me … I enjoy your company…
      Oh boy!!!… you did???… oh I am glad that you are feeling at least ok …maybe it will get better as the medication goes thru…???…I have never had an epidural before… did they put you to sleep???…I hope n pray for you… nothing worse than a headache n or a toothache grrr…
      imma just taking it easy today…ruff ruff pain day so it looks like I will be here all day…I am not doing anything this weekend… just need a break from paper work things like that … so anytime you want to chatt imma here… : )


    1. Oh ok great!!!… that feeling as you are going under for a split second …no pain…if only they could make that into a medication….to wish!!!…
      I used to get shots in my neck n back but never the upper thingy lol…I have had botox and other things…I guess my back won’t wrinkle up since the botox hehehe… I tried to convince the so called dr to use it on my face and she was going to but I got knocked out b4 I sign the paper work for it hahah thank god…since I was just joking and I don’t think a pain mang dr should be doing botox on the face…

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