For you…

S/W Ver: 9E.03.39R
For you all!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to my new followers and to the ones that have been here from the start…The ones that I call my family…I appreciate you all so very much…

Thank you all for sticking with me when I am to ill to be on here…The ones that leave notes checking in on me…You all have a special place in my heart…♥♥♥





52 thoughts on “For you…”

    1. ☻ I sure am aware of how and what you are going thru……….Today I am barley hanging in there myself after yesterday I had 2 biopsy done on my uterus I know gurly talk but I am a open book I just haven’t shared everything just yet…they didn’t numb it or give me anything to take to help relax me and I was going into it with them only doing just one and still freaking out then the Dr said no she needed to have 2 and now I am about ready for the heating pad and bed but oh how I hate this bed over here at my dad home lol..I will know more on the 9th on that test…so many test sometimes the waiting is the hardest part lolol…
      I will keep you in my prayers for sure and continue to bother you with asking about what’s going on…lol..I just care…Yes an early night tonight and as I type this watch me not be able to sleep lol..OH life is so fun isn’t it when we are ill…
      Hang tight my side kick…☻
      Thank you for the hugggs I can always use them…
      Hugggs back

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  1. Oh ok I hear you
    I know how waiting is the hardest part
    I feel ok but they want to know more
    The Dr who I saw is not cooperating
    Hopefully tomorrow he will call
    Thank you for your support and encouragement

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    1. No problem at all Sheldon…
      maybe they will get to the bottom of all this and some how help you out..I hope…
      I really appreciate you keeping me up to date…Hope that you can find time to rest as well…keep in touch dear friend…
      off for a bit to make homemade spaghetti dinner…I am really not up to it but have to push myself and told the guys that I would make it while they are out and about lol…I love, love to cook …just pain and tired…you know..

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      1.…I know you are nice…I have also read some comments and you just tell it like it is… ; ) I like that…Some just can’t handle the truth…That’s on them not you ☻
        But you secret is safe with me ; )

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    1. Imma hanging in there…just tired every day drained …I think it will get better oh and sick to my stomach I thew up 3 times today thank god for my trash can being next to me lol…but I believe it to be the medication that my regular dr put me on to try to clear up an infection in my lungs …my cough is better but still congested …other than that imma hangin lol…I am not no where as sick as I have been when I first started getting on here so that is a good thing right lol…I just hope I can get better and more energy and able to start again with doing more things so we can get home…better half and I are talking about maybe by the beginning of this week that we maybe in our home and just start working when we get up and that way we are home and not here trying to get over home things come up here and take our hope…and dad being ugly again…blah blah lol…
      I mention to him about us going back home to start and shitters and he clapped and only asked about his medication that I give him everyday …wtf…That is a slap in the face to us ..our lives stopped when he got hurt for like 6 years now taking care of him and all he can be is a smart azz to us and some rude azz comments …does not appreciate us or anything we do for him…never good enough…so much I can say…anyways we won’t leave him alone, alone that long and he will be over everyday like he used to be lol…this way he can have the house like he wants it and get a lil taste of doing things on his own and he is able…WE JUST HAVE TO GET HOME!!!!!! LOL… today he only spoke when our friend came over for cofffeeee early in the am like he does when able his name is Scott…and that is the only time dad spoke to us today…being quite and not wanting to help us in any way at all…stubborn lolol… I am just getting tired of getting my feelings hurt and running ragged and shittt…
      Sorry to have gone on…still just a lot on our plate still….even more stress with not knowing what is going on with my boobs and wahhoooie haahahahaahahah….I just had to vent to you and well who ever reads this lololol

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  2. More torture tomorrow
    There coming to fix the furnace
    Dr appointment
    Just craziness
    The more I try
    The more I stay stuck
    No one wants to make you feel comfortable
    They all want to just fix you
    I ain’t a car
    I just want to be comfortable
    Pains all over
    And nothing has been working
    I’m just tired
    Haven’t been sleeping so good
    So how are you enough
    Of me
    It’s useless
    Made fish tonite
    With roasted vegetables
    Made my own cocktail sauce too
    I still got the touch
    Tilapia with an almond breading
    Wrote today
    did some new art work
    Take care as always Sheldon

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    1. Sorry to hear all that you are going thru my dear friend… : (
      I understand the tiredness from running to the Dr trying to get all the test done and what goes along with it and the stress of just thinking of going to the Dr …
      I/we feel the same way about being stuck about getting back home…so many things just keep stopping us…and of course no help…
      No they do not want to make you comfy at all…even tho that is a right of you.. I have learned that from the beginning they do not give 2 shitts about ones pain as I sit here just able to wash all the clothes that is it for today …I think lol…unless I get a wild hair up my azz and um I just do not see that in my future for today lol…
      I seen that picture of the fish right???…
      It’s great that you were able to get up and cook one heck of a meal that you didn’t share with….lol…and you wrote some more always love that from you…and art work of course…always interesting for sure…How you come up with some of the art …very eye catching and makes you think too…
      So you see …you did a lot my friend…more than you give your self credit …
      I am just stressing over the waiting for results on all my blood test and other test biopsies they took and shitt…Like we all need more test and more things to go wrong with us huh lol…
      I am with you about being tired …and being touched too …I had to come home from the 2 dr appt I had the last week and shut my bedroom curtains next to the window where I sit at my desk and almost just shut the fuck down…felt like a pin cushion and people everywhere “waiting” I almost had a fucking panic attack to tell you the truth…never before in a public place have I ever had trouble I never get nervous in crowds things like that but I about did a turn around and left…but I stayed …I knew I had to get it done…but it was a struggle for sure..I got home did like I just said put my pjs on as fast as I could get out of my clothes ..and played some musik on my computer just trying to decompress…
      Anyways my friend Sheldon I believe we are in the same boat ..I know that I have said that before but I really think we are lolol..different things going on but none the less things are going on for sure lol…remember I got ur hand and you stay strong remember you will make it through this my friend…imma here with ya..
      Huggggggs n sending out love to you and your family in this time…


  3. You said a mouth full
    And more
    Yes I have to be more grateful
    I do try to remember
    How I’m still able to do stuff
    I always try to speak of hope when I can
    And share as much as I can
    Thank you for you
    The Sheldon Perspective

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    1. I know I can ramble on way to much lol…That is just me hehe..
      You are grateful you just have to look at things sometimes in a different way …even the lil things that you do…You do speak of hope : ) and how you still write while you are going thru all this is amazing to me…I have almost shut down due to over thinking of what the outcome can be with these test but I push myself and stay on here as much as I can with my family here : ) I love what you always have to say good or bad happy or sad and the art I believe that helps you most of all…I could be wrong …I so enjoy you sharing all of are brave man Sheldon…
      I hope soon that you can be comfy and out of pain soon …I hold on to that dream with you…still after many years and different meds I still have no luck but everyone is different and so I hope for you my friend…
      No need to thank me at all..we are friends and that is what friends are here for…
      I just want you better…


    1. Hi Andy : )
      Thank you so much for stopping here at my home lol…and a hello to you as well …please feel free to look around all you want ..I know that I have not blogged much just because of health but I plan on doing it more often as soon as things get more in order for me lol but I enjoy sitting here reading others blogs and get to know others is a pleasure for me…
      I just read the about me section on your blog and really enjoyed it very much I will follow you and look forward to reading and learning more about you friend : )
      Hope that you have a great weekend as well..It’s a lil kool here in Texas today it was down to 35 when I woke up but I so enjoy it..
      Hope to speak to you more..and again stop by anytime…Thank you for the love!!!…

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      1. Hiya Suzette > Really nice of you to come over and check my blog out. I think you’re my first friend from Texas. Our image of Texas is cattle and cowboys and steak. You mentioned health so I hope you are feeling better today. While I’m writing I was wondering if you wouldnt mind subscribing to my YouTube channel. I’ve just started it and its really difficult getting it off the ground; totally different to the lovely people you meet on WP. Here’s the link I hope you dont mind me asking. Have a super Sunday and hugs back from China 🙂


    1. Omg you got new glasses and with progressive lenses ??? me too lmao…I have bifocal one on bottom for reading and the top for distance still trying to get used to the lines…grrr….
      You getting headache ??? why are they killing you???
      Hmmm why am I nice??? I am just me this is who I am ☻☻ Oh I can get mad as a hatter haha but usually nice…You are the second person within minutes to tell me that I am nice and I said I try and she told me no that it is just in me to have a big heart…BUT THIS IS GOOD SENSE IT MADE YOU SMILE!!!☻☻☻ My plan worked then…evil laugh lol nah I’m just this way…but I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH KIND WORDS …and YOU made me SMILE…
      I will take those hugggs friend ☻☻
      I did almost go off on someone on here when I seen one of your art pictures being on the feed and thought to myself hey I seen that picture before and that is Sheldon so I clicked on it not noticing that it was a reblog…lmao…so with that I hope it made you laugh lol…


    1. Just checking in on ya friend…
      I know I’ve been missing from here…I just don’t know where to start lol…I’m trying to make my way back here..
      So just thinking of you and seen this on here and missed it before so sorry about that…
      anything new???
      Huggggs n love


  4. Trouble with my eyes
    Second time to the Dr
    Everything is fuzzy
    I hope we can fix it
    Very fustration
    On art
    And I’m pecking with writing
    This body will not let me alone
    Fighting with everything I have
    Thanks for costing
    As Sheldon Always


  5. I was hoping I would catch up to you
    I’ve miss seeing you
    It’s deep inside
    Where sadness lays
    You know where I’m going
    I hope all is well
    I can feel it out there
    How real the pain is
    You know where to find me
    I wrote a poem for Johann
    Called Painkillers 2
    As Sheldon Always

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    1. Heck I just seen this as I was going thru the list…
      awww I am glad we are catching up too my friend I missed you and your post…
      I love and understand all that you said above… this has and still is a hard fucking road that we seem to be on…and the pain is to fucking real emotional and physical …why must we have to fight for things that should just be…
      I am doing the best that I can…feel like I am running in circles with my health and the fuckhead drs …so mad…but you know…
      I hope today has treated you better???…I hope everyday for that…

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    1. I am happy to be able to get back on here… and visit you my dear…I am glad that I could make you happy ☺ I missed being on here…I was on for awhile just not writing and more reading of others blogs then well with health I had to rest…so I understand your tiredness and how hard it is to fight boy how I can relate my friend…
      I always enjoy your blog post…
      keep on fighting my dear…we must…as I say that I so want to rest myself and its only 6:50 lol sad but true…lol..
      Sending you positive vibes and energy …

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