This to shall pass!!!…

So they say… I hope and Pray that it all does… It’s just too much for me to deal with… Even though I know that I’m a very strong person. Stress kills… And I’m overloaded…And DAD YOU ARE MAKING IT 10 TIMES WORSE… I love you but I DO NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS…


28 thoughts on “This to shall pass!!!…”

      1. Not a problem Sheldon at all… I felt with straw people that if could fit different elements of my life. Also I know all to well at being up at 1am or later I’M awake more than I sleep lol…Oh yes it is nice to be able to have the weight lifted and able to move on to a new project or just move on forward.. Myself I haven’t wrote many post just yet I have them on paper here and there but just busy taking care of my father and life but I will be writing more here very, very soon …On that note I look forward to your post.

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    1. I would like to say my experience with pain and dealing with someone else’s is a double edge sword,it cuts you as well as its cuts them, 24/7 it’s a job that most would not expect, I give you props and you must give them to yourself, stay focus, I will send you lite
      As always Sheldon

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  1. How are you feeling my friend,I hope all is well, it’s been a little crazy tonite I’m feeling a little overwhelmed,, I had to take my daughter to a dance and for reasons I’m not quiet sure of it was freaking out inside, I was so uncomfortable, I couldn’t wait to get out of there ,usually I can handle this stuff but tonite I was a mess inside
    Not a happy camper rite now, not at all


    1. hey my friend….i am just hanging in there thank you for asking…so sorry to hear that you had such a rough time while out with your lil one…have you ever have anxiety attacks or panic attacks ? sounds like you may have had one and they can last long too.. I do have them myself for years and from being in the medical field working it sounds like that to me but i am no dr ….. I just feel so bad for you and speaking of them I have been having more then enough for awhile now I can almost tell yup here it comes and it is effecting my whole day everyday..I can usually handle them and deal with them but maybe its the undue stress and health and well shit everything that is going on with my life at this time ..i just don’t know ..I do know that I am here for you if and when you want to talk about what ever may be on that bright mind of yours..I look forward to your amazing post I look forward to our talks…you are not alone and i don’t ever want you to feel that way and i am so glad you reached out and talked to me…thank you that means so much to me… we will make it through this…we just have to hang in there and be strong…well on another note if i feel better i will try to blog again all rides on my health I have good intentions i turn computer on and i have blog ideas then that is where it freezes my health laughs at me and will say no blogging for you for you have to rest or take care of dad or paper work and even that is getting hard to keep up with but like i said this will all change my friend we will get through this and we like to be happy when we camp right??!!! so we push our body to do better and make it again another day…well again anytime as soon as i see your post that you are having trouble i will try to get on here and speak with you…where about do you blog from like state time zone time difference so i know better of when your on or not….ok hugs to you my friend and speak soon i am sure of you are so loved and hang in there my dear…

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  2. It’s just as you.say understanding is key unfortunately not everyone gets it the first time around,and I have to go back and explain myself,this is by no means referencing to you,it’s in general,thank you for visiting,I had been thinking about you,some days I’m sharp as a tack others I’m fuzzy as a dust ball if you get my drift

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    1. well sometimes i am fuzzy due to head injury or overwhelmed or my illnesses they do that do me so i can relate to that i understand…i get it…aw thank you so much for thinking about me that means a lot thank you…been busy taking care of dad and then again my health had a strong grip on me and i hope i am on a upward stride a gurl can hope and go from there…then dad had a Dr appointment and had to get some test done so we are waiting on the results and i had to see my Dr in Dallas and that was a hell of a fucking trip excuse my french lol at times with all the rain we could not see the road!!!..i have a blog planned out for that and another one or 2 just have to have “me time” and that is my goal is to make more me time…thank you for always such kind words that i take to heart and always there for me as i am always here for you unless i am down in bed “illnesses” anyways you are such an inspiration and i am blessed to have you as a friend on here and always look forward to your post and messages and our talks….hey off subject where do you live like in what is the time is 5:44pm here in Texas….

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    1. omg i love those cheese steaks i had one for dinner last night since we ate out once we got closer to home after dad and i Dr appt…one of my favorite i can eat those everyday…here in Texas they do not make them like the real ones at all..but it does it job of giving me half the flavor lol…oh i got cha…well were not that far off on time then…ok i am really upset that you can have a cheese steak at any time you want and the good ones with everything on it…..ok you suck joking of course…lol..

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    1. oh i am so sorry to hear that…yeah when we are young we think that we are indispensable don’t we lol think we can eat what have you and oh the little bumps and scrapes we get as lil ones oh we do not think twice till we are older and paying for them lol….oh yes now you are talking too…love those things…my God you are going to make me hungry for things i can not get at this time lol…i see we are gonna have a love hate relationship lmao…joking…i love food i love love to cook homemade anything i am not much on going out to eat but cooking i love to do just have a hard time standing for long time so times it hinders me so we all take turns here on just about everything from cooking to cleaning…i am the one that does all household paper work for 3 accounts and Dr appt at my desk here file cabinets n file all on the computer and all medications for my dad as well as hand them out to him when due all fun stuff lol..but i do not mind after all he is my dad and not able to do things like he used to and a lil dementia going on and his sight is not the best he has to go back to the eye Dr in June i believe maybe for operation on them both so we will see…so anyways sorry to carry on i can do that as you can see…so are you the only child or how many brothers and sisters do you have you live close? if to personal just let me know …i am an open book so sometimes i forget that it may be rude to ask question from others…

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    1. Hey Sheldon…
      Thank you so much for ur concerns I have been pretty rough fighting lupus and a fibromyalgia flares so doing my best and dad isn’t doing that we’ll so been taking him to the doctors appointments and trying to figure out what is going on with him since a tree branch fell down and knocked him out he is just not feeling good so with that and my pain been in bed off and on …But I’m starting to get over the flares still will always have the pain …so going to pay bills play catch up lol and I will be back for sure…
      How is life been treating you my friend? Please let me know ok!…again thank you for asking and caring it does mean a lot to me…hugggs..Suzette

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    1. Hey my dear… 🙂 thank you so much for asking as I told Sheldon down below been fighting lupus flare and fibromyalgia flare and more pain…and dad not doing to good getting him to the doctors as fast as I can get him in … just not feeling normal like he should so worried about him…so doing my best to get thru everything the flares and my dad …I know what’s wrong with me it’s him I’m really worried so I’m just keeping him in his chair and watching him until he sees everyone or better yet they find the cause…I won’t settle. ..
      today I have bills then I will be back ( I would think ) lol
      How is life treating you? You better hang in there 😉 please let me know and I hope this Friday is being kind to such a wonderful person as you…
      again means a lot to see a message from you asking how I’ve been so I thank you from the bottom of my heart
      huggggs…Suzy Q

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  3. Today was the worst it’s now spread to my other arm I am so low in my soul I’m afraid I won’t be able to do my art it’s been hard to write but if I can’t hold a scissor I will lose my mind

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    1. I have always had that fear, that the pain will make me lose my mind. And really, my mind is the only thing I have left.

      We are in the same boat, my friend. Here, I’m passing you an oar — maybe if we row together, we can stay afloat. 🙂


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