Thank you!!!…yeah, being a newbie…

This post is to my very first follower you can find her wonderful pictures and blogs on the link above…

It mean so much to me to have someone follow me I feel like a million bucks right about now lol no… but really I do…

I know I’m new to this blogging so it is a wonderful feeling to have being a newbie…I can hope and pray that I will gain more followers as I grow and share my everyday life on here with everyone…

thank you again…

Thank you...
Thank you…Suzette

10 thoughts on “Thank you!!!…yeah, being a newbie…”

    1. hey my friend!!!… i was looking for you as well lol… i just wanted to say a big hello and a big thank you for the note you left me ….looking for me..that made me smile…so i thank you….
      well i am trying to more than visit ; ) so much has happened and i may share it since that is the reason why i was gone for so long…
      anyways thank you again hun and hope to hear more from you..
      huggs n love to you


      1. oh i am sure …great to hear that you are still at what comes from you… as always i look forward to the work you do…please keep in touch my friend

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